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  1. staticflux
  2. Michael Grossman
    Michael Grossman Chuck Hanning
    Did you ever solve the problem you were having with PCs reverting back to #1 on the CB pedal? I'm about to try to do the same thing with mine.
  3. RainWizerd
    Ready to Rock
  4. CheapEdge
    Hi, I'm Rob, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I play mostly U2 covers, using an Axe-FX III & GT-22. M-Audio mixer & DAW: Ableton Live 9.
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    3. CheapEdge
      Hi Andrealoud. Not planning to control live with the GT22. I use a midi track in Live to switch scenes in the Axe FX3 when I'm still in the early stages of practicing a new song. Once I got that going I use the GT22 to switch scenes and presets in the Axe. Sorry ...
      Aug 29, 2018
    4. Andrealoud
      Don't be sorry - thanks for your reply. Always good to hear how folks are using the tech!
      Aug 30, 2018
    5. CheapEdge
      Ow ... forgot to mention ... WILL use the GT also to start/stop and pause/continue my backing tracks in Ableton Live. That requires also Bome Translator Pro on my laptop, coz' the GT cannot emulate keyboard strokes. Would be a nice one for the wishlist perhaps ...
      Aug 31, 2018
  5. caleb
    Followed video, when getting presets it didn’t download them, the scenes up and down work.the presets don’t work,nor pairing axe3 to mm22gt
    1. Alexander
      On the III, turn on Program Change in MIDI/Remote. Also make sure you use MIDI IN and OUT on the III.
      Aug 11, 2018
  6. rjmmusic
    Axe-Fx 3 work in progress! So far so good!
  7. Shanesplanet
    What do you mean it's all working just fine? What the h**l am I supposed to work on now?
  8. Fred Gould
    Fred Gould
    trying to program with my AX FX III, getting very frustrated, anyone with any advice on getting it up and running
  9. patricio
    HI,i have a problem when i change the songs and a select a bank its changes to the time line looper not to the preset that i select
  10. T-Bone
    T-Bone rjmmusic
    Hi Ron,
    I have a peculiarity on my Strymon Big Sky pre-delay parameter when I change tempo or song.
    Is this the right forum for a question like this or should I mail you?
  11. rjmmusic
    Back from a really great NAMM show this year. Did not contract NAMMthrax this year, so even better!
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  12. rjmmusic
    Off to NAMM! (attending, not exhibiting, fortunately)
  13. touch33
    touch33 Alexander
    Hi, Yek–
    I'm trying to "distill" your 22 button file down to 16. When I change the "Model" from GT22 to GT16 the editor deletes the bottom row of buttons, so I'm deciding which of the R 1/2/3 buttons are most important or can be combined so I can clear R3 and then copy R4 to R3. Once done, I change the Model from GT22 to GT16. I also have a 3-button box to use.
  14. rjmmusic
    Back to the grind!
  15. Jeremyysmith
    Jeremyysmith rjmmusic
    Hey Ron, I'm having trouble getting my new LT and Mini Fx Gizmo to communicate. I'm in the initial setup of the two and I have gone through your videos and manuals for the past two days but I have to be overlooking something. Is there any way I could get a rundown of the steps I need to go through to get this to happen? Thanks!
  16. rjmmusic
    4.0 out, taking a few days off to recover!
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  17. Alexander
    Looking forward to 4.0
  18. bayard king
    bayard king rjmmusic
    Any good videos to help setting up a couple of h9s with my MMgt22?
  19. rjmmusic
    4.0 development in progress
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    2. LeoPino
      Sep 25, 2017
  20. rjmmusic
    Out of town 6/23/17 through 7/2/17!