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RJM Music Technology products allow you to get all of your guitar gear working together seamlessly. With our products, you can control all of your effects pedals, amps and other gear with a single tap of a button!

Our products include Audio Loop Switchers, such as the Effect Gizmo, Mini Effect Gizmo and Rack Gizmo. These allow you to switch your pedals and rack effects from a MIDI controller, preventing you from having to deal with the pedal "tap dance"!

We also produce Function Switchers (also known as MIDI Amplifier Controllers) that allow you to control your amplifier's channel switching from a MIDI controller. Our Function Switchers include the Amp Gizmo and Mini Amp Gizmo.

Using these products together with a MIDI controller such as our MasterMind, you can create a well-integrated, great sounding guitar rig that lets you concentrate on playing and not on which pedals you have to step on!

Guitarists around the world, from world touring bands to discerning tone freaks, are relying on RJM products to make their rigs more reliable and easy to use. Check out our products and see what they can do for you!

Our products at a glance:

MIDI Amplifier Controller / Function Switcher 12 Loop Audio Switcher MIDI Foot Controller Compact MIDI Amplifier Controller 5 Loop Audio Switcher Compact 4 Input Stereo Line Mixer 8 Loop Audio Switcher / Function Switcher MIDI Controlled A/B/Y Switch

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