Audio Loop Switchers

Mastermind PBC™

Mastermind PBC Front View 2

The Mastermind PBC is an all-in-one audio loop switcher and MIDI controller for use on pedalboard. This product combines the best of all of our other products in one small package.

Effect Gizmo™

Effect Gizmo

The Effect Gizmo is our 12 loop audio switcher designed for rack systems.

Mini Effect Gizmo™

Mini Effect Gizmo

The Mini Effect Gizmo is a compact 5 loop audio switcher for racks or pedalboards.

MIDI Controllers

Mastermind GT™

Mastermind GT

The Mastermind GT is our most advanced MIDI controller, featuring unequaled configurability.

Mastermind LT™

Mastermind LT

The Mastermind LT is a full-featured, extremely versatile MIDI controller, in a small, low cost package.

Function Switchers / MIDI Amp Controllers

Mini Amp Gizmo™

Mini Amp Gizmo

The Mini Amp Gizmo is our best-selling function switcher. It can add MIDI channel switching ability to almost any amp on the market.

Amp Gizmo™

Amp Gizmo

The Amp Gizmo combines the features of the Mini Amp Gizmo and Switch Gizmo, allowing it to control amps with 1/4-inch switching and proprietary switching jacks.

Switch Gizmo™

Switch Gizmo

Our lowest cost MIDI amplifier controller, the Switch Gizmo can control most amps that have 1/4-inch footswitch jacks.

Other Products

Mini Line Mixer

Mini Line Mixer

The Mini Line Mixer can be used to create a parallel effect system, or be used as a compact mixer in any audio system.

Tone Saver™

Tone Saver

The Tone Saver is a high-quality audio buffer and signal splitter than can be used to help preserve your guitar’s tone over long cable runs.