The Ultimate Gizmo For Your Guitar Rig

The Rack Gizmo is the successor to our popular RG-16 audio loop and function switcher. It is designed to take control of your rig (up to 8 pedals or other effects, and up to 2 amplifiers) and integrate them so that everything can be controlled from one MIDI controller – no more pedal tap dance!

We’ve taken the same basic function set – 8 true-bypass audio loops and 8 function switches – and added some new features: An improved version of our audio buffer, the Click Stopper circuit, TRS stereo capability on the last four audio loops, and a front panel XLR MIDI jack. These new features combine to make the best true-bypass audio loop switcher even better!


  • Use the Rack Gizmo to move your valuable pedals off the floor and into a rack, out of harm’s way. All you need at the front of the stage is a MIDI foot controller
  • 8 true-bypass audio loops allow you to preserve your guitar’s tone. Unused effects – and the cables that connect them – are switched completely out of your signal path
  • Relay-based switching offers the most transparent sounding audio switching available
  • The built-in audio buffer improves tone even further, reducing level and treble loss from long cable runs
  • The Click Stopper™ circuit insures quiet switching
  • Controls the channel switching (and other footswitchable features) of one or two amps
  • Compatibility with all MIDI controllers
  • Easy to program and use
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • 8 audio loops for effect switching (Loops 1-4 internally wired in series, Loops 5-8 are independent)
  • Loops 5-8 can be used with mono or stereo effects. (Stereo effects require TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) connections)
  • The Rack Gizmo can be special ordered with all 8 loops stereo-capable
  • Bypassable high headroom audio buffer, can be positioned at any insert point between loops with patch cables
  • Two 8-pin DIN jacks for amp control. Uses the same interface cables as the Amp Gizmo and Mini Amp Gizmo
  • 256 presets, arranged in two banks of 128
  • Responds to MIDI Program Change and Continuous Controller messages
  • Rear panel MIDI In and MIDI Out/Thru jacks, and front panel MIDI jack (6-pin female XLR)
  • Can provide phantom power through the MIDI In jack. (12VDC, over pins 6&7 of a 7-pin MIDI cable)
  • Dimensions: 19 x 7.25 x 1.75 inches (48.3 x 18.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • Weight: 4lb, 9oz (2.1 kg)
  • Power requirements: 9VAC or 12VDC @ 700mA, center negative or positive, 2.1mm ID / 5.5mm OD barrel connector
    (Full stereo version: 9VAC or 12VDC @ 800mA)


Supported Amplifiers

This is a list of amplifiers that we know are compatible with the Rack Gizmo. Compatibility means that the amp’s channels and other footswitchable functions can be controlled by your RJM product. If your amplifier is not listed here, please contact us. We’ll help you figure out if your amp is compatible.

Amps with 1/4-inch switching jacks

Most amps that have 1/4" switching jacks are compatible with our products using one of our 1/4" adapter cables (part number AC-1QTRS, AC-2QTRS, or AC-4QTRS). These cables connect to the 8-pin jacks on our products and have one or more 1/4" stereo plugs on the other side. These work with almost all amps with one to four 1/4" switching jacks.

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