Control your amp using MIDI!

If you’re looking to add MIDI capabilities to your amplifier (or other non-MIDI equipment), the Mini Amp Gizmo is your solution. It can interface to virtually any equipment that uses a footswitch jack or 1/4" external switching jack(s). Once your equipment is connected to the Mini Amp Gizmo, you’ll be able to control all of its footswitchable features from any standard MIDI controller.

By simplifying the Mini Amp Gizmo to have a single switching jack, we were able to reduce both the cost and size compared to the original Amp Gizmo. Yet the Mini Amp Gizmo still features the ease of use and versatility the original Amp Gizmo is known for.


  • The same easy programmability and compatibility as the original Amp Gizmo
  • Works with all of the Amp Gizmo interface cables
  • Able to control most amps that have 1/4" footswitch jacks using our 1/4" interface cable
  • Eight switches provide enough capacity to switch the features of the most complicated amps
  • High quality relays are used to provide the most compatible switching
  • Both latching and momentary switching are supported, further increasing compatibility
  • The Mini Amp Gizmo can store 256 programs – probably more than you’ll ever need. You can transfer program data to and from a computer or between two Mini Amp Gizmos in order to keep a backup of your settings
  • The Mini Amp Gizmo will not cause hum due to ground loops. The switching jack is electrically isolated from the rest of the circuit.
  • Run only a single cable to your MIDI footswitch! The Mini Amp Gizmo can provide phantom power to most MIDI footswitches, eliminating the need to have a separate power supply
  • Solid and durable with a powder coated aluminum case
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee (available when you purchase directly from RJM Music, contact your dealer for information on guarantees they offer)


  • 8 function switches, connected to an 8-pin DIN jack
  • 256 presets, arranged in 2 banks of 128
  • Responds to both MIDI Program Change and Continuous Controller messages
  • Can provide phantom power through the MIDI In jack. (9VAC, over pins 6&7 of a 7-pin MIDI cable)
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches (10.2 x 10.2 x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight: 10.3oz (300 g)
  • Power requirements: 9VDC or 9VAC @

  • Made in the USA


Supported Amplifiers

This is a list of amplifiers that we know are compatible with the Mini Amp Gizmo. Compatibility means that the amp’s channels and other footswitchable functions can be controlled by your RJM product. If your amplifier is not listed here, please contact us. We’ll help you figure out if your amp is compatible.

Amps with 1/4-inch switching jacks

Most amps that have 1/4" switching jacks are compatible with our products using one of our 1/4" adapter cables (part number AC-1QTRS or AC-2QTRS). These cables connect to the 8-pin jacks on our products and have one or more 1/4" stereo plugs on the other side. These work with almost all amps with one or two 1/4" switching jacks.

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