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  1. Seeya007

    Mastermind Preset Page suggestion

    Hi, I have a lot of midi devices controlled by the PBC (3 Strymon's, 5 chase bliss, H9, Quartez, etc). When creating a new preset in the preset page on the Mastermind software, I need to scroll horizontally to check the right midi device box (PC message). Instead of having all the midi devices...
  2. Seeya007

    MORE PAGES ! :-)

    Hi, I'm running my beloved RJM PBC 10 with a few midi devices such as 6 Chase Bliss Pedals, 3 Strymon's, Eventide H9 and a Selah Quarz. I have dedicated page for each midi device, apart for the Quartz....i'm planning to add Strymon Nightsky and CXM 1978 for which i would love to create 2 more...