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    Wish: SHIFT function

    A “HOLD RELEASE” function for the buttons would do the same or similar. This means: A function get startet when you release the button. Then it's possible to activate the function in time. With a “HOLD RELEASE” function you don’t need another button for a “SHIFT” function. In my opinion this...
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    [wish] - Midi Sequencer

    A Sequencer would be a nice addition. It would also be nice if there is a manual option, meaning that pressing the button with your foot triggers the next step in the sequencer. In this way you can create interesting rhythmic sequences that sound a little different with each “run“. ;-)
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    Button Type: HOLD RELEASE

    I'd like to have a HOLD RELEASE function for the buttons. When a function get's startet when you release the button it's possible to activate the function in TIME. With the existing Hold Function with preselected milliseconds the timing is difficult to achieve.
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    WISH: Editor - Page list for faster reorganization

    Editor “Buttons Menu“: If you want to rearrange the Pages, the swap, copy and paste functions are very cumbersome. A list where you can move the Pages with the mouse would be very helpful.
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    WISH: Editor - Exit Button in “Button Settings“-Page

    If I make changes on the “Button Settings“-Page, I cannot cancel them. Please add a button to Exit, Cancel or Delete on this page so that you can return to the previous status. Many thanks.