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    [wish] Song Actions option in Songs menu

    +1 for me. I use a preset button with midi actions to recall song and scroll lyrics with bandhelper app. This requires an unique preset for each song, if actions could be attached to the song it could free up the need for multiple extra presets.
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    Kemper Morph

    Perfect that worked! Only thing is that it if you switch to another preset from the 2nd press it doesn't always switch reliably. But it does seem to switch reliably if you step on the original preset again (Morph Off) before switching to a another preset, so just something to keep in mind when I...
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    Kemper Morph

    Hello new member here, I am using the Mastermind GT with my Kemper, is there a way to have a preset send a second cc command on the second step of the preset? I know IA buttons can do this, but I can't get a preset to work in this way. Kemper has an morph mode on the second step and I was...