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  1. Meanoldfireman

    Strange attenuation running parallel loops on PBC10

    Hi Ron: Yup! That was it. The H9's don't like the second dry path. I would have thought it would have messed with more than one frequency, but I thought wrong. Thanks!
  2. Meanoldfireman

    Strange attenuation running parallel loops on PBC10

    Yes, it's just that one frequency. (At first I though it was the guitar, but no.) It's on every preset I've tried so far. I am running dry signal through the pedals. I'll trying killing that. I'll keep you posted. It's pretty odd, to say the least.
  3. Meanoldfireman

    Strange attenuation running parallel loops on PBC10

    I'm stumped. Most of my recent builds have been with 6x's. I really wanted to have tails preserved on a board with two H9's, so I went with a PBC10 for this one. The issue is that when I have the loops in parallel, A above middle C is attenuated. No. It's not the guitar. It doesn't seem to be...
  4. Meanoldfireman

    Jackson Audio Golden Boy Midi

    I run a pretty limited number of buttons. I finally threw in the towel and used macros in the Preset Actions. It's a pain, but it will get me through until I ditch the pedal. Jackson audio makes some good sounding pedals, but their MIDI leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. Meanoldfireman

    Jackson Audio Golden Boy Midi

    The Golden Boy only uses CC's. That's actually how I've been sending the cc's, is changing the state of the IA buttons on each preset. It works fine for the Bloom, but not the Golden Boy. If I have to write preset actions to change the state on every preset, this pedal's getting sold. (I'm sure...
  6. Meanoldfireman

    Jackson Audio Golden Boy Midi

    Using a 6x (4.7) to control (among other things) a Golden Boy. When I send MIDI from a button, it will respond to all the changes. When I include those same buttons into presets, it will only respond to CC 2 = 4 and CC 5 = 4. I've been double checking the settings and have run out of ideas...
  7. Meanoldfireman

    Getting IA switch to ignore preset changes?

    As always Ron, thanks for your speedy reply and open ears and mind. There's a few reasons why I can't see using anything but RJM gear, but the support you provide should be the gold standard to which everyone strives for. Thanks!
  8. Meanoldfireman

    Getting IA switch to ignore preset changes?

    I thought this would be more straight ahead. I feel like I'm overlooking something: I want to be able to toggle between the two inputs. (I play guitar and lap steel). I want to be able to switch between the two and retain the setting even if I switch presets (or even songs). I'm a little low...
  9. Meanoldfireman

    Editor 4.2 bug: Pages in presets?

    Maybe this has been reported already. When editing a preset, the button page numbers are off by 1 from the actual number in the "button" tab. I can work around it...just not before my first cup off coffee.
  10. Meanoldfireman

    IA Cycle/IA Link

    I have an IA cycle button on two pages (I use it to step between the three channels of my Demeter TGA-3). If I change it one page (for a preset), it doesn't change on the other page. My recollection is that the IA link is made by comparing the first CC on the action list. Is the failure to...
  11. Meanoldfireman


    I just stumbled on this switchcraft part, which looks like it will come in handy for making cables for mono/stereo situations: 288 1/4" Mono 2 Conductor Cable Mount Plug, Nickel Metal Handle w/Solder Lugs & Cable Clamp (wide insulator between tip and sleeve allows use of two conductor plug in...
  12. Meanoldfireman

    Pedals with remote switching/MIDI

    Under modulation w/expression: Pigtronics Envelope phaser
  13. Meanoldfireman

    SYSTEM / SETLIST action

    D'oh! Thanks Ron. I'd been staring at that one way too long.
  14. Meanoldfireman

    SYSTEM / SETLIST action

    I found that, thanks. I tried setting up button 10 with the Hold function as an IA cycle to step through the set lists. It will step to the second, but I can't get it to go to the third. Did I miss something?
  15. Meanoldfireman

    SYSTEM / SETLIST action

    Got it. Then it's working as it should. In the interim, I try a "cycle" to step through the sets. Thanks! Edit: Does "0" take you back to bank mode? And, is there a value for "All songs"?
  16. Meanoldfireman

    SYSTEM / SETLIST action

    Not sure if I'm missing something. I set the #10 button as Bank up with a Hold function for SYSTEM / Setlist, but it doesn't seem to work. If I'm in setlist mode already, does bank up now move up a setlist? (because that's not happening).
  17. Meanoldfireman

    Signal chain, but VP is main question

    That should work fine. I have a Slide rig in 7, so I ended up with the Volume pedal on the output. Not ideal, by I don't use it for swells (except with the slide rig). It's more so I can adjust the volume. As for the MIDI connections to the Strymon boxes, there's a whole thread on that.
  18. Meanoldfireman

    How Do You Have Your Main Page Set Up?

    Mine will probably change. I'm used to a GT, so I try to keep things intuitive, where I don't have the displays. 1. Is tap tempo 2 - 4 are presets 5 is an IA for my boost pedal. 6 is the tuner, held it goes to page 3, which is the default IA'S for the audio loops. 7 & 8 I haven't done anything...
  19. Meanoldfireman


    That's pretty much what I'm looking for. Can you import it into an existing file, our only use it to create a new one?