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  1. Sleestak

    First RJM board.

    That is a seriously wicked board! Nice work.
  2. Sleestak

    For those controlling a slightly bigger setup with the "small" GT10: how do you use your controller?

    I used a GT10 for many years before switching to the GT16. The most significant reason that I switched was that I wanted to use the GT controller in my studio for transport control and stuff. The GT10 is a great choice for a controller. I use an AxeFX III in my live rig. Here is the basic...
  3. Sleestak

    Display gone on GT16

    This ^^ is what stellar customer service looks like. I've never experienced anything else that meets the level of RJM for customer support. Great product. Great people.
  4. Sleestak

    Question about Fractal, Phantom Power, and Midi Thru

    First, a disclaimer: I don't work for RJM. I am just a customer, but I am a big fan of the MMGT and help set systems up for other musicians. So, if anything I say is crazy or wrong, that's on me :) I don't use exactly this configuration, but I have an AxeFX III and FM3, plus a few MMGT...
  5. Sleestak

    Old GT won’t update

    I've had that issue a few times myself, particularly with certain brand flash drives. I've been able to get them to work if I use the MMGT itself to format the drive. If you look at the System Functions menu on the MMGT, you'll see Format Drive option. It should be there in 3.4.9, but I can't...
  6. Sleestak

    RESOLVED - External Switch Not Recognized

    Following up on this thread so any others who experience a similar problem have a potential diagnostic approach. The short version of this post is USER ERROR. Here are details... In testing with my switch boxes in my studio, I was certain that the problem was something to do with the way the...
  7. Sleestak


    Sukh Ryatt has a company called "ZenRigs" that makes screen protectors for a variety of devices including Fractal gear. He doesn't currently offer anything for MMGT pedals, but you could certainly ask him. I use his screen protectors on my AxeFX III and FM3, and they are very high quality. They...
  8. Sleestak

    RESOLVED - External Switch Not Recognized

    Thank you. Will do after this weekend's gigs.
  9. Sleestak

    RESOLVED - External Switch Not Recognized

    I did try that when I was troubleshooting with the cable / box swap. The MMGT doesn't appear to recognize that anything is plugged into the switch 1/2 jack.
  10. Sleestak

    RESOLVED - External Switch Not Recognized

    Yes. I purchased it direct from RJM in the past few years.
  11. Sleestak

    RESOLVED - External Switch Not Recognized

    I'm having an interesting issue. For a number of years, I had a MMGT10, and used a pair of external switch boxes, each with two switches. Recently, I upgraded to the MMGT16, and decided to add these switches to my new setup. The MMGT16 is not recognizing the box plugged into Switch 1/2. Here is...
  12. Sleestak

    Any way to upgrade the 7 pin DIN socket to a 7 Pin XLR Socket?

    100% agree on this. DIN connectors are quite durable. That said, I'm always messing with my gear to optimize for functionality on reliability. I'm a born gear-modder nerd :) Until pretty recently, I used a 7-pin MIDI cable to connect between my rack and MMGT16 on my pedalboard. To simplify...
  13. Sleestak

    My current MMGT16 Pedalboard

    If you want the flexibility of two-way communication among all devices, you might explore using the RJM MultiBox. That would allow you to duplicate the MIDI jacks on either the board, or at the other (rack device) end. Going the latter route would let you mount the MultiBox in the rack for ease...
  14. Sleestak

    2-Piece Modular Rig

    +1 on health congrats! Glad you are doing well. Great setup. That looks like a very effective command center.
  15. Sleestak

    My current MMGT16 Pedalboard

    I have two of them actually. One of on my small board. I'm surprised they aren't more widely used. Super handy gizmo, that. Daniel also built me a couple of custom switching pedals that I use on the other board.
  16. Sleestak

    My current MMGT16 Pedalboard

    Ron, I'll also add that I've demo'd and helped set up a number of new MMGT owners, and it's always impressive to me how quickly they understand the way the system works. It's amazing that a control pedal can literally open new horizons for working musicians!
  17. Sleestak

    My current MMGT16 Pedalboard

    It's pretty great. I loved the convenience of the single cable, but I live in a world where heavy flight cases engage in cross-stage traffic. The WIDI at least eliminates one danger.
  18. Sleestak

    MIDI to XLR problem

    That will definitely help with the interconnects between the racks. For what it's worth, here is a recent thread I posted about the configuration of my GT16 on my pedalboard: Happy new year!
  19. Sleestak

    MIDI to XLR problem

    Yes, that would work. The WIDI system replaces the MIDI cables and would eliminate the need for MIDI interconnects between your racks. You could also install the WIDI system at your GT16 (which is what I have done). You'd have to move the GT16 power supply to your board, but doing this would...
  20. Sleestak

    My current MMGT16 Pedalboard

    Thank you. Here's the undercarriage shot. I like to keep the wiring fairly organized so that it's easier to troubleshoot. Nobody ever sees this view, but it matter to me :)