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    Can I adjust the expression pedal sweep with the Mastermind?

    I'm using a Moog EP-3 expression pedal as volume pedal with my Mastermind. Is it possible to change the sweep? It's range is 0 to 127 or 0% to 100%...I would like to raise the minimum value.
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    Mastermind with Atomic Amplifire

    Well, the Mastermind has been almost plug and play with the Amplifire. Atomic just released firmware 3.0 which allows changing the CC a quick change there, (by default the volume pedal is CC #22 on the Amplifire, change it to 7) and the expression pedal now works as I had hoped. You...
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    Mastermind with Atomic Amplifire

    I have a Mastermind on the way and will use it with my Amplifire. Is anyone else using this combination? Any tips? I'm wanting to have a basic setup with 5 patch changes, bank up and down, and I'll probably use the expression for volume pedal. I'm looking forward to getting my hands (or feet) on...