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  1. mcvittym

    PBC/6X output b indicator on display panel

    I noticed that even though I had used the editor to specify mono output with no summing the display panel indicated that output B was on. I was able to switch it off using the software in the hardware unit. It is all working fine, but it might be worth doing something with the editor so that...
  2. mcvittym

    Neutrik Stereo Angled Jack - is any body using these?

    I am about to purchase insert cables for my PBC. I was wondering if anyone was using insert cables made with Neutrik Stereo (TRS) Angled Jack plugs and if so how were you getting on? Are they short enough to use in loops 7 - 10? I have found a couple of suppliers (Designacable, Custom Lynx)...
  3. mcvittym

    Shortening pre-fabricated insert cables

    I have bought some Hosa insert cables ( for my Mastermind PBC set up. These seem to work fine, but the cables are too long, and therefore take up too much room in the confined space of my pedalboard case. I have two options for shortening them: 1. the...
  4. mcvittym

    Schmidt Array patchbay

    I’ve been trying to track down the reason why my rig is noisy. One of the culprits appears to be the patchbay in my Schmidt Array 450 pedalboard. When I connect direct to the mastermind pbc noise is minimal but when I connect through the patchbay noise increases significantly. Has anyone else...
  5. mcvittym

    MIDI stops working when I add the audio cables to the pedalboard

    I have a MIDI problem and I'd be keen to know if anyone else has experienced and overcome something similar. It's may not be specifically a Mastermind PBC issue but that is the environment. Background I am building a pedalboard for myself. It’s a small board and the audio, power and MIDI...
  6. mcvittym

    Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40

    The Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40 amp ( has built-in digital effects and a MIDI capability. However it apparently does not accept tap tempo e.g. via a control change message but rather expects to...
  7. mcvittym

    Nuts coming loose (!)

    I recently noticed that several of the foot-switches on my Mastermind PBC were wobbling, because the nuts holding them tight had worked loose. I took a look at the foot-switches on my Eventide H9 pedals and they were firm, although they had a washer behind them. Anyway, when I tightened the...
  8. mcvittym

    Setting function button to tap tempo

    Just tried to update my settings using the desktop editor so that the function button would operate as tap tempo using the MIDI clock. I couldn't find anything that would enable me to do it. When I used the PBC itself to change the settings, I lost all the settings on button page four which I...
  9. mcvittym

    Custom button page for amp control

    Ron I’d like to be able to change channels on my MIDI amp head without changing the current preset. I thought that the best way to do this might be to create a ‘custom’ button page, e.g. page 4. Is this the best way to achieve this goal (short of putting another footswitch or midi controller...
  10. mcvittym

    Remote in

    Ron I was checking to see what options I could use for MIDI merge as I might want to use something like a MIDI Mouse (Tech 21) to change amp channels on the fly independently of the PBC. Following a review of MIDI merge as described in the manual, I started looking for the 'Remote In'...
  11. mcvittym

    Function button - setting to tap tempo

    The Mastermind PBC is fantastic! However, I'm having a problem with programming the function button. It came set to switch on the global preset. I can't find anything in the OS X app to program it, but when I used the setup menu on the PBC itself to change it to a tap tempo button, it started...
  12. mcvittym

    Mission SP1 RJM

    I noticed the following information on the Mission Engineering website page for the Mission SP 1 RJM expression pedal: "An LED on the front of the pedal is signaled to by the Mastermind GT and can be used to indicate state. For example, you can tell if your wah is turned on and the expression...
  13. mcvittym

    Expression pedal

    I notice that the original Mastermind MIDI controller includes the following in its spec: "Expression pedal input, can be programmed for a different channel and controller number on each preset". I also noticed that the Mastermind GT appears to do things differently (with up to four expression...
  14. mcvittym


    I've ordered my Matermind PBC unit However, I was wondering - did you consider adding the sort of facilities that thegigrig have in their g2 unit for pre and post gain and if so what was the reasoning for not doing so?
  15. mcvittym

    Mastermind PBC display

    Looking forward to receiving my unit! Will the display be able to display the name of the song and the name of the preset simultaneously?