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  1. Mario

    IA buttons that triggers different IA buttons

    The "IA Link" function might help you achieve this. Click HERE for details.
  2. Mario

    Changing amp channrls

    We've been chatting through the Helpdesk and sent instructions this morning. Our recommendation was also to use CC messages instead of PC.
  3. Mario

    Can't get editor to connect to MMGT22 for firware update

    Thanks for the update! What was the issue?
  4. Mario

    MEG X CC Link with MMGT?

    This is one of the downsides of being quick to fix things, haha. Have a great one!
  5. Mario

    MEG X: Add outbound MIDI CCs for loop state changes

    Thanks again Jason, Ron and I have chatted about this, cheers!!
  6. Mario

    MEG X CC Link with MMGT?

    Hey Jason, You didn't even give me a chance to reply :D Thanks for your feedback and we've already added it to the list ;) Have a great one!!
  7. Mario

    MEG X CC Link with MMGT?

    You haven't misconfigured anything, the MEGX doesn't send CC messages when one of its buttons are pressed. Generally speaking, when controlling a loop switcher with CC messages from a MIDI foot-controller, all changes are made on the foot-controller.