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    I cannot get my pbc10 to read the flash drive to do the firmware update.
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    Changing amp channrls

    I just sent you an email … it’s not allowing me to open the file you sent me, it says the file is too long.
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    Changing amp channrls

    I have both control switchers listed in devices. The switch connected to the EVH EL34 is on midi channel 2 & the switch connected to the EVH STEALTH is on midi channel 3 Midi channel 1 is a Jvm410hjs which works perfectly. Channels 4 & 5 are 2 MEGX’s and 6-14 are various pedals that all work...
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    Changing amp channrls

    I’m using a PBC10 with 2 voodoo labs control switchers, each with a custom cable from bestronics to the footswitch jack of 2 EVH 5150 100 watt amps (a stealth & an el34) I can change channels on each amp directly from the buttons in the voodoo labs units (except the green channel in the stealth...