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    Hi there .. I have an issue with my PBC 10. I updated my Editor and the firmware to 5.1.0, and my MIDI is not working on all my presets. Only my loops work. My midi pedals are BigSky, GFI Synesthesia, and Empress Echosystem. I tried going back to my older version 4.2.1 and still no luck
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    Volume Pedal

    Thank you for the fast response. I have a similar question about where to put my Amp/Cab modeling pedal. I use the Line 6 HX Stomp. Would the sound quality be the same if I use it in the Stereo loop 10 or at the end in the A/B output?
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    Volume Pedal

    I want to use my VP in the insert point between 4 and 5. Is there a difference in sound quality between using an inter point or a loop? I have an ErnieBall Jr. VP, which doest have a buffer from what I understand.