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  1. Sleestak

    Programming in editor without a mastermind GT

    As noted by the admin's response, yes, you can do this and it'll work just fine. When you change the model number in the editor, it'll obviously change the number of buttons / displays that you will be working with. I have owned both the MMGT10 and MMGT16. I currently have the 16 on my main...
  2. Sleestak

    Question about gear

    I use at MMGT controller with an AxeFX III. I can tell you from years of experience with this combo that it's pretty straight-forward to set up and incredibly powerful. Love it!
  3. Sleestak

    RJM Editor for Apple M Series

    Agreed. I wouldn't even notice faster data transfer. For me, the key is stability and functionality, which the editor has in great abundance.
  4. Sleestak

    RJM Editor for Apple M Series

    Perhaps a silly question... what would be the advantage of a native Apple Silicon version?
  5. Sleestak

    Issue with Get Preset Names from FM3 to MMGT16

    You bet. I'll set my rig up tonight. Let me know what to test.
  6. Sleestak

    Issue with Get Preset Names from FM3 to MMGT16

    I have both the MMGT16 and FM3 as well, so let me know if you need a third tester for confirmation purposes.
  7. Sleestak

    How to connect a RJM gt22 to axe fx3,kemper and helix and use them together in a 19 inck rack?

    My setup is the GT16 controlling an AxeFX III and sending MIDI commands to my mixer. While it's useful for the GT to pull the preset names from the AxeFX, I almost never take advantage of that feature. The primary reason is that the GT has better logic for naming and managing Presets across...
  8. Sleestak

    How to connect a RJM gt22 to axe fx3,kemper and helix and use them together in a 19 inck rack?

    GT22 -> rack via MIDI Then use MIDI IN / THRU on the devices to daisy chain them. Make sure each device is one a separate MIDI channel. The GT22 can send multiple commands on multiple MIDI channels with each button press. The programming is pretty easy via the RJM Editor.
  9. Sleestak

    Uh...has anyone else started out like this?

    I think your approach is completely reasonable. Start with the logical flow of the signal and control, then do the pedal tetris to make it fit together. Here's a few tips that I use when building and configuring pedalboards for customers: (1) Lay out everything on a large work surface such as a...
  10. Sleestak

    MMGT phantom power box query

    Can confirm this works. Another thing worthy of consideration: if you are powering the MMGT directly, you could use WiDi (see instead of a cable. It works beautifully, and I've had my controller more than 40 feet from my rack without any issues.
  11. Sleestak

    Does the footswitch output on the GT 16 support LED type footswitches?

    I can confirm that the GT16 does support LED footswitches. The schematic for the footswitches is in the owner's manual, and there are several companies that offer them on Reverb / eBay.
  12. Sleestak

    expression pedal

    This ^^^ is the correct way to to it. I have an AxeFX III and an MMGT16. Works perfectly. If you want support, ping me and we can jump onto a zoom call and walk through the settings.
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    Thank you! I love RJM support.
  14. Sleestak

    MIDI noise

    Definitely check the ground situation on those wall outlets, and if you're using a power strip or rack-mounted power distro, check those outlets too. Make sure the GT power supply is plugged into the same power strip / power distro as the AxeFX, to avoid any ground potential between those feeds...
  15. Sleestak

    First RJM board.

    That is a seriously wicked board! Nice work.
  16. Sleestak

    For those controlling a slightly bigger setup with the "small" GT10: how do you use your controller?

    I used a GT10 for many years before switching to the GT16. The most significant reason that I switched was that I wanted to use the GT controller in my studio for transport control and stuff. The GT10 is a great choice for a controller. I use an AxeFX III in my live rig. Here is the basic...
  17. Sleestak

    Display gone on GT16

    This ^^ is what stellar customer service looks like. I've never experienced anything else that meets the level of RJM for customer support. Great product. Great people.
  18. Sleestak

    Question about Fractal, Phantom Power, and Midi Thru

    First, a disclaimer: I don't work for RJM. I am just a customer, but I am a big fan of the MMGT and help set systems up for other musicians. So, if anything I say is crazy or wrong, that's on me :) I don't use exactly this configuration, but I have an AxeFX III and FM3, plus a few MMGT...
  19. Sleestak

    Old GT won’t update

    I've had that issue a few times myself, particularly with certain brand flash drives. I've been able to get them to work if I use the MMGT itself to format the drive. If you look at the System Functions menu on the MMGT, you'll see Format Drive option. It should be there in 3.4.9, but I can't...
  20. Sleestak

    RESOLVED - External Switch Not Recognized

    Following up on this thread so any others who experience a similar problem have a potential diagnostic approach. The short version of this post is USER ERROR. Here are details... In testing with my switch boxes in my studio, I was certain that the problem was something to do with the way the...