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  1. LeoPino

    4.0 is coming

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The best news ever on this year! :D:D:D
  2. LeoPino

    Select Multiple Entrys on the Preset/Song/Setlist Lists (On the Editor)

    On the Preset/Song/Setlist lists, you can drag and drop a single entry on the list and put in any place you want. It will be a nice feature to the editor, if we would hit CTRL or SHIFT and select multiple entrys on the list and move it around as a group
  3. LeoPino

    Mastermind Editor - Song/Preset search

    Yes it would be a nice feature! :)
  4. LeoPino

    Send midi through the 1/4" Ext Switch like a Empress midi box

    I think that this is a complex hardware transformation and not a functionality that can easily be added to the editor, but what do i know :D:D
  5. LeoPino

    Incompatibility with Radial Twinline?

    Do you use the same power supply for the timeline and the Twinline?
  6. LeoPino

    Who in here has setlist and song experience?

    You could edit a button on HOLD FUNCTION -> ACTION TYPE : SYSTEM | SUBTYPE: SETLIST | ON SET LIST: (The number of your favourite setlist)
  7. LeoPino

    Automated expression swells

    This can be used for the whammy as well, to create some textures i think
  8. LeoPino

    Rename the Loops to a Friendly Name

    Ohhh! Nice! I will also be waiting for the update!!
  9. LeoPino

    Rename the Loops to a Friendly Name

    In the mastermind editor, will be a nice feature, if we can rename the audio loops to a friendly name : Loop1 : Keely Compressor Loop2: Tube Screamer Loop10: Big Sky So when we are creating the preset, we can see exactly what the pedal we want to turn on or off, instead of guessing on which...