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    Can RG loop switching be used to mute passive splitter outputs

    Hello! I’m using an Rack Gizmo in combination with an Ampete 88-S to select between multi amps and cabs/load boxes. I recently purchased a Friedman BE-Mini and have got it hooked up so it sees a Suhr Reactive load box as it’s cab but am only using it’s fx “Send” out as it’s signal going into my...
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    Controlling Dunlop Rack Wah from LT

    Hello! For anyone with user knowledge, is it possible to control all the functions of the Dunlop DCR-2SR from the LT? The LT has a few spare jacks on the rear like Function 1/2, Exp and External Switch Input, besides the Midi In/Out. I’ve got the LT connected to a Rack Gizmo which is handling...
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    Can MXR Clone Looper be controlled via Mastermind/Function/Gizmo product?

    Hey I could really use a cloner/looper pedal like the M303. I’d like to keep it hooked up in a rack(connected to Rack Gizmo) and control the record/stop/play functions from my MM LT. Is this possible?
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    LT Hooked up to both Mac and Rack Gizmo simultaneously

    Hello! Does it cause any issues to have the LT hooked up and running to both a Mac and RG? Since both of these can power the LT can there be any complications? Thanks!!
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    RG Audio Loops 5-8 Question

    Hello! Would it be possible to hook up these four loop input/output loops to four individual guitar fx loops which would individually access a single noise gate rack mount unit? This would be the only piece of gear in my studio setup which would be utilized in the fx loops of every guitar amp...
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    How to setup button/loop to turn on/off without affecting current preset

    Hello! I’d like to put a “gain” pedal on a loop/button so it can be turned on/off without it cancelling any preset that is already on/selected. I’ve got the LT connected to a Rack Gizmo. How is this done using the Mastermind Editor? Thanks in advance!
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    Occasional Preset Selection behavior

    I’ve noticed that “occasionally” when I press a Preset switch that it doesn’t select info that’s been saved until I press the switch again. I’m wondering if this is just me not pressing down enough the first time or a sensitivity issue. Anyone experience this behavior? Thanks!!
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    Best way to use LT/RG with multi amp setup

    Hello! I’m wondering what is the best approach to using my LT/RG combination with a multiple amp setup. By the way, for the time being, I’m using the Amp 1 out on the RG going to a Mesa Road King head(series 1, using din pins 1-4 strictly for channel switching) and Amp 2 out going to the...
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    Midi Out of RG only sending PC on channel 1

    Hello! I’m trying to send a PC to a midi device connected to the Midi Out port of my RG. I’m using a new LT Midi Controller which is connected to the front of the RG. I have the Rack Gizmo’s midi channel set to “1” and believe the LT is also set to “1”. I did this setup from the Mastermind...
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    Can Loops 5-8 support 4 individual fx loops?

    Hello! Questions on the possible use of Loops 5-8 on the Rack Gizmo. The manual says these are Individually “isolated”. Does that mean I could connect the sends & returns of four individual amp series fx loops to 5 thru 8 and then have a noise gate connected to Inputs 1-4 and Outputs 1-4 so all...
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    New LT owner questions

    Hello! First off, is there a way to see what firmware the LT has? Second, how do I do a “factory reset” Third, I went ahead and changed “Mini Effect Gizmo” in Device tab to “Rack Gizmo”(which I own) and did a save but when I reopen the Editor software it has reverted to “Mini Effect Gizmo”...
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    Will Rack Gizmo power LT via midi?

    Hey I’m assuming it will but better safe than sorry. anyone??
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    Program and Controller Change question

    Hello! Do all three GT versions send both Program Change and Controller Change via their Midi Outs? Thanks!!
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    RG Default Startup Settings

    Hello! I just recently picked up a used Rack Gizmo for a home studio setup. I haven’t picked out a controller pedal yet so for right now I’m just using it via it’s front panel buttons. I see that each time I power up the Rack Gizmo, that it defaults to “null” by which I mean no switches are...