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    PBC 6X "Flash with Tempo" broken

    I just updated my PBC 6X to the 4.6.3 firmware as I was really excited to see the MIDI Clock Auto setting finally working over USB. Unfortunately, after updating to this version, my tap tempo footswitch on Page 3 no longer flashes with the tempo. It does seem to be sending tap tempo to my...
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    "Any button dismisses tuner" enables insert

    I'm experiencing an odd issue with my PBC 6X running 4.6.1 On my presets page, I have button 5 set to advance the page when pressed, and activate the tuner when held. I would like to be able to dismiss the tuner with a press and not a hold. However, when I have the "any button dismisses tuner"...
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    PBC 6X 4.6.1 Split Loop Bug?

    I'm experiencing an odd issue since updating to 4.6.1 from 4.5. I split all of my loops, including the Insert loop. From the editor, I was trying to edit the loop order of a specific preset using the Loop Override. When I do this, both insert loops are lost and disappear from the firmware as...
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    macOS Big Sur: Right+Click on Button Crashes App

    I've been testing the betas of macOS Big Sur on a spare machine and encountered a crash with the Mastermind Editor when trying to copy a button. Otherwise, the app works great! Just wanted to give a heads up as Big Sur hasn't launched yet. 1. Launch the app. 2. Select the Buttons tab. 3...
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    PBC 6X 9V vs 12V DC?

    Is there any benefit to running the PBC 6X at 12V over 9V? I'm using a Distributor output of my GigRig power system to supply it with 9V and it's been great, but due to some digital noise I'm getting on one loop, I'm considering trying their Supa Nova adapter to see if the extra isolation helps.
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    How is MIDI Clock Auto supposed to work?

    I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a bug with this feature. I'm using Native Instruments Machine to send MIDI clock to the PBC 6X (FW 4.5.0). If I set the PBC 6X to Slave, everything works as expected (though it doesn't display the incoming Tempo from Maschine). If...
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    PBC 6X is sending Sysex to a pedal on power up / editor update

    I recently added a Hologram Electronics Microcosm to my pedalboard and just finished setting it up as a device in the PBC 6X. Unfortunately I'm experiencing an issue when my pedalboard is powered on or when I use the Mastermind editor to send updates to the PBC6X. When my board is powered up or...
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    Receive MIDI Clock over USB and pass to MIDI DIN Out

    Apologies if this is covered somewhere, I couldn't find any info in the manual. I want to be able to send MIDI clock from my DAW to the PBC 6X over USB to sync my delays and looper. Is this possible and how would I go about setting it up?
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    PBC 6X No longer stereo

    I tried running my rig in stereo today and the stereo pedals in my insert loop are coming out mono. I've got a Strymon Volante setup with ping ponging delays going into a Big Sky. Mono send from the PBC 6X into the Left input of the Volante. Left and Right outputs of the Volante going into the...
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    Tap Tempo in IA Mode

    I'd like to achieve the following with my PBC 6x: Buttons 1 - 4 are Preset buttons Button 6 enters IA Mode Button 4 becomes a Tap Tempo button in IA Mode Is that possible?
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    Device PC + / - Range

    When a button type is set to PC + or -, is it possible to define a min/max range that it scrolls through like the Bank, Preset, and Page types?
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    Timing Settings: Do Not Repeat

    Is it possible to adjust the timing settings so that a message is only sent once, without repeating if held? I'd like to have a single button that, when pressed, sends a Dev PC + message, but when held, sends a Dev PC - message. When holding the button to Dev PC -, the PBC keeps sending the...
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    PBC 6X MIDI Clock Tap Tempo

    I'm sure there's an obvious answer to this question but I can't for the life of me figure this out how to make a switch tap tempo to control the PBC's Master Clock. I'd like to have one of the switches on a preset's Local Page handle this. I found an older post stating that it's just a matter...
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    Help setting up Page switches for Looping functions

    I'm using a Chase Bliss Audio Blooper for looping duties and need some guidance on the best way to assign various functions to the foot switches. While I've got all my audio loops and devices setup and working, I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the IA functions work. I'd like some of...
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    Device Support for new Chase Bliss pedals (and Cooper FX Outward v2)

    So I can make use of the Add CC Actions, I'd love to see device support for the following Chase Bliss pedals: Warped Vinyl HiFi (has different parameter list than WarpedVinyl2) M O O D Blooper Generation Loss And the latest version of the Cooper FX Outward. MIDI Manuals attached!
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    Setting that prevents a device from scrolling PC with Presets?

    Im having an odd issue where selecting presets does not send program change messages to only Device 2, a Chase Bliss MOOD. I can setup a switch on another page to PC Scroll + with the MOOD, so I know the channel is set correctly and it’s working. I’ve also checked the PC number for MOOD in...
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    Reordering a Stereo Loop before a Mono Loop

    I have a Volante and Bigsky in Loop 6, setup for stereo. Occasionally, I may want to reorder the loops so I can use the Big Sky in front of a Fuzz in Loop 1. What does the PBC 6x do in this situation? Does it sum the L/R signal of Loop 6 to Mono or does it only send one of the stereo channels?