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  1. Soren Kelly

    RJM GT22 - Axe3 skipping preset

    Hi everybody I sometimes have a jump in preset where my the gt22 out of the blue changes my axe 3 to a random preset i have changed cables im using a 6 pin xl and recommended cables..
  2. Soren Kelly

    Is this possible Ron ?

    Hi Guys is it possible whenever i hold down a stomp it shows me the 4 different channels on my axe for that effect and it also shows a yellow cancel button could i move the cancle button ?
  3. Soren Kelly

    Tuner on heel down axe 3

    Hey have anybody figured out how to get the tuner to show in the gt22 when heel down tuner function is active on axe 3 fw 13.02 its a pretty good update fractal made there but maybe not much use for RJM users cheers Soren
  4. Soren Kelly

    weird display thing

    on my GT22 i have my tap tempo switch longpress set to tuner on my afx3 if i longpress to get out of tuner mode there is no problem, but if i use a preset switch i looks weird..
  5. Soren Kelly

    help setting alternating between channel a and b axe 3

    Hi all I have been so happy with my gt22 that i haven't had the need to do anything for along time now but no i need to alternate between channel A & B on axe 3 effect blok i have it set so on long press it will pop up with option a,b,c,d but i would like it to just swap between a&b by tapping...
  6. Soren Kelly

    Slow switching latency

    Hi Im Running AXE 3 and gt22 the last while im getting latency on my Gt22 it changes on the AXE but it takes a split second b4 it changes on the gt22 and we are talking live without axeedit running or Computer attached also the other day it just startede running through the presets like mad on...
  7. Soren Kelly

    Weird faulty gt22 ?

    Hi can anyone help I have 2 ext dbl switch when set up 1/2 for preset up/down it will work fine with both dbl-footswitches with 2 different cables When i set up 3/4 for the same only 1 switch works on the dblswitch does that make sens
  8. Soren Kelly

    ext switch scene up/down

    as headline is that possible with axe 3
  9. Soren Kelly

    Tuner on gt missing

    I have been a bad boy, messing about with my settings, my Tuner on gt 22 has gone missing Also i would love for my tuner come on when exp 1 (volume) is all the back/off Cheers S. Kelly
  10. Soren Kelly

    quick guide needed

    How do i set up a IA to chose a specific preset number but only momentarily after i take the foot off i want it to go back were i was... hope it makes sence
  11. Soren Kelly

    Is it possible in the scene menu to..! axe 3

    Hi Guys Is this possible in the scene menu ? After hold mode on my preset button i would like to have all my scene in the top and still have my preset switches in the bottom even to call a specific page would do the trick.. Cheers Soren Kelly also external swicthes need dbl press to work is...
  12. Soren Kelly

    I have notied a weird thing

    I have noticed a weird thing, when i fire up my axe3 and gt22 it takes a few minutes before its running (preset selector on axe dos not change preset on the gt22) and also sometimes i have latency pressing the gt 22 it does activate the IA but the light comes on delayed.. anyone else see this ...
  13. Soren Kelly

    What inm i doing wrong afx 3 gt22

    Hi All I have had the gt22 going for a short while but now im back to were it dosent change preset when i change preset on the axe, poll state is on - on the axe i have it on Midi chanel 1, display offset 1, scene revert off, send realtime sys on, program change on, Ignore Redundant pc off...
  14. Soren Kelly

    tap tempo axe3

    Hi all What am i doing wrong cant get the tap tempo to show me the tempo in numbers, it goes up and down without me tapping most of the time it goes to 251.0 and stays there.. cheers
  15. Soren Kelly

    Preset 2nd Reload bug ?

    Regarding Preset Reload I have updated and i seem to have a weird thing going on now when i engage a ia switch in ex. preset 1 and then repress the the preset 1 again the ia stays on what im i missing...i have normaly my setup so if im on preset 1 and select preset og it resets the ia switches...
  16. Soren Kelly

    Is this possible

    Hi guys. Is it possible to use the 5 preset button in my setup so that i have another funktion on long press ? Cheers søren
  17. Soren Kelly

    A few ? From newbi

    Hi all Got my gt22 today... man its Nice ! And Kooks great with my axe 3 A few question tho 1) I cant get tap tempo to flash the tempo.. 2) preset skips in 6 instead of 5 when using bank up/down 3) volume is not smooth neither is wah Using mission and fractal expressions have calibrated them...
  18. Soren Kelly

    What cables do i need

    I have the axe 3 and have just bought a gt22 as fractals fc12 is to small and not even close to be for sale in EU, here is the thing i have loved the fact that i could use a normal XLR cable from my axe fx2 to my MFC 101 what is the best and most sturdy way with the axe 3 and gt22 it has to be...