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    Option to remove page number from main screen

    When using the command "System:Page .." to switch to a specific page, the main display temporarily displays the name of the page. This obstructs fast viewing. Please make displaying this message optional.
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    [solved] GT starts in Song Mode

    Any idea why my MM/GT20 starts in Song Mode ...?
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    "Preset" function?

    If I want to assign the button type PRESET to a button, where do I specify the number of the preset that should be recalled when pushing that button? @rjmmusic
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    WIDI Master: wireless MIDI between GT and iPad

    I run BandHelper on my iPad. The iPad is connected with a cable to my GT/22 MIDI output port. When I switch songs or presets on my GT, BandHelper switches to that song. I read about WIDI Master (by CME), which establishes a wireless MIDI connection (separate MIDI In and MIDI Out plugs), and is...
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    BUG: IA > System > PC

    I've assign "IA > System > PC 384" to a button's HOLD function, to quick-jump to my main Axe-Fx III preset, which #384. During a session, there's often a point where this HOLD function won't take me to preset 384 anymore, but to a preset in the first bank (from memory: 128). I haven't been able...
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    WISH: Show Tempo on main display

    I love the Show Tempo function. It not only helps me start songs in the right tempo, but other band members as well. For that purpose, I'd love to be able to have the main display blink in the tempo of the preset/song. Would that be possible to add?
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    Question about colors / displays

    My GT/22 controls an Axe-Fx III. Effect buttons in "off" state (red button below) always display the button text and the background color, nothing else. While effect buttons in "on" state (green button below) always display the button text and the background color, plus a darker box in the...
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    Switch into Pedal port?

    Is it possible to connect a (single or dual) switch to one of the exp.pedal ports (and have it operate as a switch)? Any special settings to enter in setup?
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    Add button type: Global Preset

    Please allow to select "Global Preset" as a button type (just like when selecting a preset from the Preset Menu). I realize it's already possible to assign "Global Preset" to a button as an IA:System action. But that method has an issue: if you're in "Song mode", and press the button, the...
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    Tip if Get Preset Names halts

    If you have an Axe-Fx III, and the Get Preset Names process won't complete, disable the global parameter in the III that automatically updates speaker impedance settings. I've found that this parameter can clash with the process in the GT. Altern. go through all presets on the hardware and...
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    My command center

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    External switch bug?

    There seem to be a couple of bugs with the 3+4 ext.switch port. First, changing the switch type to Momentary on the GT/22 hardware, doesn't stick. The software editor has to be used for this. Second, it looks like the ON and OFF values are reversed. With every switch I used, the GT/22 powers...
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    MM GT and Nano

    For anyone in need of a board extension of the MM GT: The Pedaltrain Nano (small version) makes a great fit.
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    My GT22 setup for the Axe-Fx III

    I'm joining @iaresee in sharing the setup of my GT22 for the Axe-Fx III. Couldn't be happier. (*) (*) Maybe just a tiny little bit if some minor bugs will be fixed in the next firmware. :) EDIT: updated the pics. Here's the main page for my kitchen sink preset. The text on the second rows of...
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    [FIXED] BUG: Get Preset Names

    With Axe-Fx III. When stopping the Get Preset Names procedure before it completes, the GT returns to its menu. But in the background it still sends Next Preset commands, because the Axe-Fx III keeps switching presets.
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    [solved] missing OVERDUB function for Axe-Fx III

    In the MM GT's list of Looper commands for the Axe-Fx III, the OVERDUB function is missing. While the RECORD function can be programmed to switch to Overdub (Record 2nd Press), it does not operate the same as a dedicated OVERDUB button and behaves erratically (it can't be turned off).
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    [FIXED] BUG: cut-off text in Channel menu

    (Firmware 4.30 + Axe-Fx III) When holding a button to enter the Channel (ABCD) menu, the text in the main display is cut off. See p ic.
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    BUG in Get Preset Names?

    Specifying a range in Get Presets Name (on hardware), instead of going through all presets, messes up stuff in Songs mode. Suddenly some scene buttons do not display the custom text anymore, but just the scene number. Can't detect the cause, and can't solve it either. A full get Preset Names...
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    WISH: link song title to preset title

    It's a drag to have to manually enter each Song title. It would be much handier if (optionally) the editor could just copy over the title of the first preset in the song.
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    [solved] Too many presets?

    My GT is configured for an Axe-Fx III. The number of maximum presets is correctly specified on the Devices page: 512. On the editor's PRESETS and SONGS pages, there's a box which lists the presets. The box lists 766 presets. Seems like a bug.