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  1. JeffMarshMusic

    PBC and MMGT transferring

    Hi Ron, I doubt this is possible, but definitely worth asking... As you know, I like to control my PBC (hosting all my pedals) with the MMGT when there's room on stage. The MMGT is way easier to create presets on the fly. Since there will be times I'll only be able to use the PBC, I'd like to...
  2. JeffMarshMusic

    Noise Gate Pedal

    Hi, I recently bought a Noise Gate pedal for the first time. I'm trying out the MXR Smartgate. The pedal is removing a little bit of the high end when engaged. I would think that when the gate is open the full sound should come through, and when activated the gate would stop all sound. I...
  3. JeffMarshMusic

    Sending a volume command to a hardware keyboard

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to use my MMGT to send volume and program changes to a hardware synth. The program changes are received, but not volume commands. I believe the MMGT is working properly. Has anyone else done this before? Perhaps hardware keyboards do not receive volume commands through...
  4. JeffMarshMusic

    Folding Stereo back to Mono

    Hi Ron, I was thinking of connecting my last 4 pedals (CE-2 chorus, H9, Timeline, and BigSky) in Stereo for the ZERO times I will perform live using stereo. Will the PBC convert back to mono if I only use Amp A? Perhaps a button setting in the back? I don't believe Strymon will collapse to...
  5. JeffMarshMusic

    Preset Actions

    Hi Ron, I wanted to check if I'm missing something. My MMGT has a page on the unit for editing "Preset Actions." I'll do them in the editor app first, but it's nice to be able to tweak when I'm away from the computer. Does this feature exist on the PBC? I can't seem to find it, so maybe...
  6. JeffMarshMusic

    Loop Not Closing

    Hi Ron, I'm using my MMGT to control my PBC. When I send the command to close "loop 8" the PBC shows 8 as off, but the loop is still active. From the MMGT, I must step on the IA for loop 8 (redundantly turning it on) and then off again to deactivate the loop. I know it's not an issue with...
  7. JeffMarshMusic

    Problem with 2nd amp using output B

    Hi Ron, When connecting an additional amp using output B, there is buzz but no signal. A single amp using output A works fine. When I press "ISO B" the buzz goes away but there is no signal. I have the first button "Mono -> Stereo (Out)" pressed in, and I also have "Mono Output" pressed in...
  8. JeffMarshMusic

    MMGT-22 sends tap tempo when changing presets.

    Hi Ron, My PBC is able to change presets and send my Timeline PC as well as mix and tempo MIDI data with no problems. But when I send the same info from my MMGT-22 the Timeline receives tap tempo corresponding to the time I take between presets. The intended setting I have is 530ms, but if I...
  9. JeffMarshMusic

    MMGT-22 controlling PBC

    Hi Ron, I now have a compact Schmidt Array which is driven by a PBC. I scaled down from my MMGT-22 to a Helix & Mini Effect Gizmo, then again to my new PBC. My MMGT-22 has been in the closet for a couple years as I designed it for a heavy rack, 2 amps and no roadies. What I really miss on...
  10. JeffMarshMusic

    True Bypass vs Buffer

    Hello again Ron, For this particular pedalboard with my new PBC, I want to keep everything analog with the last digital reverb set to kill dry/parallel. I discovered this cool analog EQ with presets that's midi controllable. I've run...
  11. JeffMarshMusic

    Mission VM-1

    Hi Ron, I recently purchased a VM-1 for my new PBC. The manual says that this "passive" volume pedal should be connected directly to the guitar, and not be placed later in the chain after pedals or buffers. The PBC buffers seem to be enabled by default, which suggests buffers are a good...
  12. JeffMarshMusic

    Mini FX Gizmo with 2 destinations

    Hi Ron, I recently ordered a Mini FX Gizmo, and I'd like to have 2 possible destinations for the final output. I have the larger rack unit in my big setup, and I remember needing to have a jumper cable to do this. I'm able to select 11, 12 or both and it works fine. (The mini will be for a...
  13. JeffMarshMusic

    2 amps, with 1 pedal before the last amp.

    Hi Ron, Since I purchased my Effect Gizmo and MMGT, I have been enjoying the 2 amp setup as described on page 13 of the Effect Gizmo manual. It has worked great with my Mesa and Fender Blues Deville which can be channel switched with my Amp Gizmo. I recently swapped my Blues Deville with a...
  14. JeffMarshMusic

    Certain Button Pages Noisy

    Hi Ron, I have certain button pages that are noisier than others when I toggle through the pages. The preset does not change, but noise is introduced depending on the page. Could it be the color of certain buttons? Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks, Jeff
  15. JeffMarshMusic

    Mission RJM SP-1 & 3.1 update

    Hi Ron, After the 3.1 update, the Mission RJM Expression pedal no longer lights the LED when engaged. It works properly as programmed (one of the external switches) but no longer lights up when engaged. Just heads up. Thanks for any advise. jm
  16. JeffMarshMusic

    IA Actions in Preset

    Hi Ron, In the editor under "Button Settings" there is an action defined that I didn't do myself (I don't think I did). <Effect Gizmo / CC Toggle #92 off:0 0n:127> It exists in all my presets, but the numbers are inconsistent. There are a lot of #68 as the presets increment, but the numbers...
  17. JeffMarshMusic

    Ext Switch

    Hi Ron, I'm trying to use Ext Switch 1 as tap tempo for a TC G-Major 2. I set the G-Major to receive controller 80 for Tap Tempo, and I'm trying to set my MMGT to send controller 80 using a momentary on/off toggle switch connected to External Switches 1/2. Please let me know if this is the...
  18. JeffMarshMusic

    Disoriented in V2

    Hi everyone, I know V2 will be awesome once I'm used to it. But now that I'm trying V2, the editor does not display my specific preset names on the button page. All the bottom buttons say "Preset" It was kinda nice before when I could see preset names in the editor and drag/swap them around...