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    Stereo Delay problem.

    Someone like me? I have a stereo FX in loop on my pbc10. Tempus, H9, Timeline, Bigsky If we use stereo delay on Tempus, H9 and timeline, Slow fading from left to right. Or vice versa. Audio Interface In the Apollo Twin, the L and R signals come in equally sized inputs. However, the...
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    Buffer 3

    I'll test more and write again. Sorry.
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    PBC10 in7-10 jack stereo?

    Hi guys. Can someone advise me? Can I input stereo to the pbc10's in7-10 jack port? So can you actually use 5 stereo pedals? in7-10 loop 7. 8. 9. 10?
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    PBC10 display problem.

    Hi, I'm excited to buy and play PBC10. But I have one problem. There is usually no problem, but sometimes the display is dimmed. I can't read the text, and the display settings do not solve it. Sometimes turning off the power and turning it on again can solve the problem, but sometimes it...
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    My 2020 Pedalboard

    Hello, I am a Korean Worship Guitarist. Introducing my 2020 Pedalboard. pbc10 is a cool piece of equipment I am very happy with all the features of pbc10. But I have one problem. The display of the pbc10 sometimes gets dimmed and unreadable. It can be solved by turning the power off and on...