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    Tap Tempo

    OK. I gave up. I'd been trying and tryin to get this done but I can't get it to work. I am tryin to set up a button as tap tempo. I just want to send tempo to a delay pedal by tapping on the button. The delay is a Decibel 11 and it has midi in. I am working with a GT 22 going to an effect gizmo...
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    Hard to accomplish wish?

    For the Mastermind GT. It may be a hard one to implement...but it would be great if somehow we could swap loops order on the fly. I used to use a DB11 Palette with this option and it is a great feature. What I am talking about is to alter the order of loops (i.e. if you want to switch a...
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    Mastermind CC programing

    Hi all, my first post on this forum (although I think this will be the first of many!)... I need a bit of help. I am programing one of the switches to cycle different pre-programed settings in a delay pedal (Decibel 11 Time after Time). After trying different ways to accomplish what I want I...