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    PBC/6X and Micro.clock

    Hi! Anybody using a Disaster Area Micro.clock with PBC/6X? I set up the PBC/6X like ”verse”, ”chorus” etc. on the buttons. I have my HX Stomp and dual Specular Tempus set to listen to the preset tempo set on the PBC/6X. I would like to scroll songs up/down on the PBC and not on the...
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    Connect iPhone to PBC to jam

    Hi! I want to be able to listen to my signal through my Sennheiser HD600 while connecing an iPhone that plays music into the HX Stomp via USB to play along with. (I do this as I have the board now, but now my Specular Tempus x2 are in a FX Block in HX Stomp so I can hear the delay and reverb in...
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    Hold function on external switch

    Hi! I used to have the hold function on my external 2 button switch set up to go to first song in my setlist on PBC, and it never was any problem. Now when I want to change it to go to page 6 which I have set up to be my on the fly setting, it shows the name on that page, but sometimes it...
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    Issues toggle through songs

    Hi! I hope you can understand what is going on here on the video. I am toggling up through my songs via a 2 way button switcher, but as soon as I toggle down it goes directly to ”Reckless Love”, which is my 10th song in the list. Regardless if I am on song 11 or 23 and toggle down it goes to...
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    Switch HX Stomp page

    Hi! I want to use my HX Stomp to have a different page for a song if I need a specific modulation that I don’t use on regular basis on my main page. How do I program the Stomp to switch to a specific page in the RJM editor when pushing a preset button? Greetings!
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    Midi Problem

    Hi! I am having some issues with my PBC/6X and my Midi Solutions Quadra Thru. I have it setup like this: PBC/6X Midi out - Quadra Thru In - 3 outs to my dual Specular Tempus' and HX Stomp. I have set up a Preset in a song to turn my Specular Tempus on, and select a specific reverb on it. But...
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    PBC/6X+Hx Stomp setup

    Hi! I am a new user of the RJM products, and I need your help to think... :) * SETUP 1 Input L1 - JHS Morning Glory L2 - Rawkworks Light Overdrive L3 - Pedal Monsters White Lightning INS - Dunlop Volume X Mini L4 - HX Stomp (Stereo) L5 - Specular Tempus, Delay (Stereo) L6 - Specular Tempus...