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    Revival Drive Switching

    Hi, Is it necessary to have the origin effects switcher interfacer to remote channel and others function or could i only use the Funct Switch PBC ctrl direct in the revival drive? Many thanks
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    Bloom V2 Comp

    Hi everyone, it's driving me nuts to control boost by Exp pedal, everything works fine except this.. i'd like to have it always on when i press a lead preset for exemple. Someone could help? Thanks!
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    Hello , In my chain i have a Cab sim stereo in loop 8 (Serie), Nemesis Delay Loop 9 (Parallel), H9 Loop 10(Parallel) Actually i use the outputs A/B direct to a mixing desk with symetrical cables, do you think that it would be better passing by a DI in between.. Thanks!!
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    Is there someone who uses a cerberus nux with the Mastermind? Everything works well with my two H9, but it seems very strange with the cerberus, i just want to know if it is it the issue
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    Andy Timmons comp

    Hello , i just buy a new Carl Martin AT comp, and i'd like to use the remote with the PBC function switch , what cable do the job, mono or stereo ? Thanks!
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    How to move IA dry signal

    Hello guys I've tried to move the dry signal IA as it is shown on the video by Ruben Roeh, but it doesn't work for me.. Ruben show how to do this with a previous editor firmware and i don't know to do this with the last version... It appears dry signal on the PBC when i engage the new IA...
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    Pre Post mode and buffers

    Hi , i'm using my strymon mobius in Pre(loop1)/post mode(loop 8), and i just notice when i switch off the buffer 2 in post mode, i don't have any sound? No problem in Pre mode... I'm not very fan of buffers, is there something that i don't program properly? Hervé
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    DI to mixing desk

    Hi Ron, i'm using a preamp " le clean" (Two notes) with the sim activated, return to loops stereo with time line and bigsky so is it necessary to put a DI on the out of the PBC to a mixing desk or not? the question is the out of the PBC is symetrical? And if it's not symetrical, what DI...