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    Feature request related to interaction between Button Groups and IA Link

    ...unless there's a way to do this now that I'm not seeing. Here's a step-by-step scenario: Let's say I have one MIDI device and I want to create an IA Button to access a preset on that device. Also let's say that the device is in an audio loop, say loop 8. Button 1: . . IA Link: checked . ...
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    Mastermind PBC & editor deep-dive YouTube videos

    FYI I just posted a three-part deep-dive video on the RJM Mastermind PBC: In part 1 I talk about some of it's salient features, walk-through the routing on my board, and explain what button pages are & show how I'm using them. In part 2 I dive deep into the desktop editor and take you through...
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    What are the buffer's input and output impedances?

    Just a quick question: What is the input impedance and the output impedance of the on-board buffers in the PBC?