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  1. Devan Bumstead

    Audio Gap When Switching Presets on PBC/6X

    I’m noticing a slight audio gap when switching presets on my PBC/6X. Anyone else have this issue or know the culprit? I’m having the PBC control a lot of things at once (Mobius, Timeline, BigSky, Iridium, & Bloom + 5 overdrives including a split mono) (the Stryfecta and the Iridium are in...
  2. Devan Bumstead

    PBC/6X & Protein Overdrive Wiring

    This may sound dumb...but on the 2.2 version of the Protein overdrive you can run insert cables so you can use each side independently in a switcher. I, however, am out of free loops to use and can only use one for the Protein. But if I were to hook the Protein up to one of the stereo loops...
  3. Devan Bumstead

    Slim DC Power Cables?

    Help me out guys, I'm desperate to find these small DC power cables again. I bought them way-back-when and now I can't remember where I bought them and my recent searches have come up dry. But I'm looking for slim DC power cables that are as small as possible without breaking the bank (I'm not...
  4. Devan Bumstead

    Wiring PBC/6X with SP400 on Bottom Row?

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I just got my PBC/6X in and I'm looking forward to wiring it all up! I've not yet received my SP400's I ordered but can't imagine they'll be able to be oriented downward on the lower row of jacks and still have clearance. How are you guys wiring...
  5. Devan Bumstead

    Iridium Pre OR Post Stryfecta

    I've been wanting to design a layout that lets me either run my Stryfecta before or after my Iridium. There are times when I love the delay signal slamming into the front of the Iridium for more broken up, gritty repeats. But there are other times when I love the clean and pristine ambient...
  6. Devan Bumstead

    MIDI Wiring Scheme Possible? POG2 Nixie External Control

    RJM Community, I'm new here and just ordered my first RJM product! I've got a PBC/6X coming soon. I've been using an OC-10 for many years and I've loved it but wanted a bit more out of the MIDI side of things. Enter PBC. But can you possibly "check my work"? I've attached a proposed wiring...