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  1. matt-phaeleh

    GT 16 issue? Lights barely visible and no text.

    Hi Ron, I hope you're well, it's been a while! Sadly I'm having a problem with my GT16. It mostly sits in a flightcase these days and gets used once or twice a year, for specific things I'm doing. I powered it up this evening, and all was well and functioning fine. I turned away for a moment...
  2. matt-phaeleh

    Quick Mini Effect Gizmo/GT question

    This is another one of those questions which will have most of you hitting your head against a brick wall, so please excuse me if it seems obvious. I'm using my GT16 to control 2 pedal boards, Ableton Live, MaxMSP and RME Totalmix software. I had it working very nicely with the mini effect...
  3. matt-phaeleh

    IA Cycle - Light Issue?

    I've just been tidying up my setup this evening, and randomly any button which use IA cycles no longer lights up. They appear greyed out (unlit) on the GT16 and in the editor too, though they still cycle through the steps and function correctly otherwise. The same buttons light up perfectly...
  4. matt-phaeleh

    Viewing large number of actions in editor/preset+song help?

    Just noticed in the editor that whilst it can have more than 9 IA actions, for any beyond this number it’s not possible to move the position of the action as the mouse can’t get to them, (though I can scroll down with the arrow keys to edit the settings). Was wondering if there was a way around...
  5. matt-phaeleh

    Future update - Reset option?

    Hey Ron, Just wondering in a future update if it would be possible to have some kind of reset all button option, to restore all buttons on all pages/presets back to their default/bootup state? In practice, in any one song, I may have upto 30 buttons left on at the end of a song. In order to...
  6. matt-phaeleh

    Bi-directional midi via USB?

    Hello all, new to the forum and the world of RJM. Loving my GT16 since I’ve had it for the last few weeks. It’s mainly being used to send info to a computer, but is also doing some stuff to a couple of Strymon pedals and a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. I’m using the GT16, alongside a Livid...