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  1. The Full Nelsons

    Overture is a winner!

    Very happy with tones and versatility of Overture pedal...great job Ron et al
  2. The Full Nelsons

    Alternate between presets with expression pedal

    Hello...using PBC 10 and trying to figure out how to alternate between two presets on PBC with expression pedal ( ie up is one preset down is the other). If I set up expression to system/preset/alternate it changes to alternate but then stays do I get it to toggle between the two...
  3. The Full Nelsons

    Nixie Firmware bug fixed

    Not sure if this has already been posted (couldn't find it when I searched ) but the bug that was present in the firmware update allowing the Big Sky and Timeline to work with Nixie ( the bug made the pedal think that it was in Kill Dry when it was not ) is apparently fixed according to Matt at...
  4. The Full Nelsons

    Mastermind PBC Board

    Had first show with this new setup... pretty slick. The PBC is a great piece of kit.
  5. The Full Nelsons

    AC power OK for PBC?

    Hello Ron... The Mastermind PBC is a fantastic piece of gear... I read somewhere that it can be powered by 9 Volts AC ( I think it was in the FAQ section ). Would it be safe to power from the 9V AC 800mA output on the 1 Spot PRO CS-12 This would free up one of the 500mA DC outlets for my H9...