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  1. George

    Multiple Non-MIDI Pedals and PBC Expression

    Morning Ron! Hope Sheri is enjoying her new(ish) blue Tesla, so much fun giving it to her!...but hey to the matter at hand...I'm struggling to resolve an expression control issue; my MIDI enabled pedals no problem (e.g. H9's and Strymons). However I, and most likely other members here, have...
  2. George

    Preset Devices all Selected for Unamed/Unused

    I've been trying to figure out a way to bulk clear checked devices in new/unused presets, See image. Every one of my Presets comes with the devices all selected...
  3. George

    Mastermind PBC10 Programming Videos

    Always on the lookout for tutorials that will help me understand the Mastermind series I discovered these three on YouTube the other day. Ron said they were very well done. Great examples of the flexibility of the hardware and an even better tutorial on how to utilize that flexibility with...
  4. George

    MIDI Pedals Not in Loops

    I was watching a Youtube video recently (probably the source of most of my "problems"), and reference was made to the 6X not having enough loops to handle the pedal population. However, the author went on to say, since the H9's (and a couple of other MIDI pedals) were not in the loops that...
  5. George

    iPad Versions of Mastermind Editor

    I looked a few times to make sure I wasn't missing an iOS app for Mastermind Editor on iTunes but couldn't find it. If I was blind and its there please point it out. If there isnt one I think it would be very convenient to be able to work on configurations with an iPad and either store them in...
  6. George

    H9 Preset: I think something is missing

    If there is one thing I know, its that learning MIDI and its intricacies is a humbling experience. I have been studying the Mastermind Series videos and I'm stumped. Following Rons instructions from "Basic Preset Editing | Episode 5" I set up exactly how he had set up the "Clean" preset for the...
  7. George

    PBC/6X to Iridium Config Test: Fail

    Been watching the Mastering series (innumerable times) and thought I had the basic send PC commands in hand..well, not. Following Ron's video where I "get under the hood to do some Preset Programming" I set up my Iridium as suggested by Strymon. I have the Iridium set up for Channel 1 ( a...
  8. George

    MIDI Controls for Mesa Boogie Switch-Track

    Hi Ron I was loading devices last night and realized that the Mesa Boogie Switch Track MIDI controls hadn't been added into the device library...when you next get a roundtoit...I thought this might have some bit more interest as its a MIDI controlled Isolation box as well. Geo
  9. George

    Browne Amplification: Protein Dual Overdrive - TRS Interpretation

    My Protein Dual OD showed up the other day, a very nice Overdrive box. It came with instructions which made mention of using of a TRS plug which I only glanced at. Subsequently while watching some review and demonstration vids (Andertons Music on Youtube was did an overview of about 4 OD pedals)...
  10. George

    Patch for PBC Masterminds to Annex MEGX Loops

    I'm coming up against reality vs my expectations of the MEGX and an 6X with respect to operational restrictions that I didn't fully understand at the time I made the MEGX purchase. I had thought that the PBC/6X was going to "add" the MEGX loops into its matrix control such that the PBC would...