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  1. cosmic_ape

    New MEGs?

    Are there plans to release any more Mini Effect Gizmos soon? I was gonna pick up a used one on Reverb but I figured I’d ask here first.
  2. cosmic_ape

    Using big Strymons in loops 7-10, NOT in stereo.

    I love using my Timeline in Feedback Loop mode. I throw some effects in there to further manipulate the repeats. When you do that, though, the jacks in the back work differently. According to Strymon, this mode turns the pedal into Mono only. So, I guess my question is, what kind of cable do I...
  3. cosmic_ape

    Boss FS-7 misbehaving!

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I wanna add two buttons to scroll through my pages. I checked the wiki file, set the polarity on II and set the switch as 'momentary'. I powered it with my existing isolated power supply. I have tried setting it as a regular Page button and as an IA button...
  4. cosmic_ape

    Adding 'parallel' loops to PBC10...

    What's the best way to add more parallel loops to my PBC10? I thought of using a Mini Gizmo and a Mini Line Mixer and hook up the Gizmo in between the PBC's Out 5-6 and the In 7-10. I am thinking using a 1/3 Split, where the first (Loop 1) effect is in series. Send 2 on the Gizmo goes into the...
  5. cosmic_ape

    PBC + Mini Amp Gizmo questions.

    I am having a hard time getting these two to communicate. The Mini Amp Gizmo is working correctly and switching my amp on its own. I set it up to run MIDI on Channel 2, matched it accordingly on the PBC. I then created a page dedicated to controlling all the Amp switching functions. I wanted it...