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    Bank & Setlist Size stuck on maximum of 16

    Hi Ron I can't seem to access more than 16 songs per setlist after making much larger setlists on the editor for my GT-10 I'm sure this can be selected but i can't seem to find it
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    Sending a PC Message To Mainstage When Songs (ie Song Presets) Are Selected On GT

    Hi Ron I have songs in Mainstage each set to be selectable via PC message on a Midi Channel. Mainstage is set up as a Device in the GT to respond to PCs on that Midi Channel. Is there a way to make Songs in the GT (and also the LT) send those PC messages as soon as i select a preset in one of...
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    Sending Midi Clock Tempo Division Only To One Device/On One Midi Channel

    Hi Ron Is there a way, via Sysex or with an external Midi event processor, to send Midi Clock Tempo divisions to only one device/on one Midi channel only?
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    Downsizing from a GT-10 to an LT. Some questions

    Hi Ron I'm thinking about making a smaller version of my board that currently includes a GT-10, 2 x Mission expression pedals, 2 x G Lab wah pads both connected to the footswitch inputs of the GT, Livid Guitar Wing connected to a Kenton USB Midi Host and a Midi Merger box merging the GT's midi...
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    Copy & Paste Preset In GT-10 without using editor

    Hi Ron Is it possible to copy and paste a preset from within the GT 10 itself? I seem to remember the GT 16 would have a Paste button come up in the Edit Preset menu. Apologies if this has already been covered
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    Preset Second Press To Switch Between Axe Fx III Scenes By Treating GT Presets As Scenes Themselves

    Hi Ron Quick question regarding preset second press and the Axe III. Let's say i setup each Axe III preset to be a "Song" (ie a virtual rig with various scenes and channels for that song only). In order to change from one Axe scene to another within a GT Preset using Preset Second Press...
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    Can a GT 16 Backup File be opened in a GT 10?

    Hi Ron Is it possible to open a GT 16 Backup file in a GT 10? I would like to load all my presets, settings and songs from a 16 to a 10.
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    Mini Line Mixer.. Possible To Install Dual Concentric Knob For Separate Left and Right Volume?

    Hi Ron Would it be possible to install a dual concentric knob in the Mini Line Mixer for separate Left and Right volume control?
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    Preset Second Press Programmable IA Per Preset (not just per button)

    Hi Ron It would be awesome if the Preset Second Press IA option could be programmable per preset instead of per button
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    Can an external switch be set up to trigger Preset Second Press?

    Hi Ron Can an external switch be set up to trigger Preset Second Press?
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    Preset Colour instead of Button this possible?

    Hi Ron Sorry if this has already been covered...was wondering if there's a way to make Presets have colours instead of Buttons, while keeping any buttons that are not Preset buttons to have their usual Button colours?
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    Creating "Preset Zones" in Song Mode.

    Hi Ron I'm using Preset + a lot to cycle through presets in Songs in Song mode. This works great for singing and playing as the idea is that i don't want to look down at the GT at all during i just hit an external footswitch to cycle through presets. However, sometimes i...
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    Used Mastermind GT 16 Available for Part Exchange for Mastermind GT 10. EU

    Hi folks I'm looking to downsize my pedal board and was wondering if anyone on the board is interested in doing a part exchange for a used GT 16 and a used GT 10? I'm based in London, shipping ok. Let me know if interested. I'll post some pics of the GT 16.
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    New Ground Loop..Effect Gizmo, Pedalboard and Amp head. Help needed

    Hi Ron I'm experiencing a new ground loop in my setup. Pedalboard (GT 16, Switchblade 8F, bunch of pedals, Kenton Midi Thru, Pedal Power 4x4) Effect Gizmo (1-4 in front of amp, 5-8 in amp's loop) on a rack. Mini Line Mixer Marshall 410H So when i run the pedalboard direct into the amp without...
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    Cycling through same presets in a bank...possible to light up only the current selection?

    I'm using Preset + to cycle through presets...each song is allocated to two Banks so i can go through verse, chorus, middle 8 presets etc. This means several instances of the same preset in a given Bank. Ron, would it be possible to only have the currently selected instance of that preset...
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    Compatible External Switches for GT

    Quick question. Can i use a standard momentary sustain pedal as an external switch for the GT or do all single external switches need to be TRS? If so are there any compatible sustain pedals? I want to use a sustain pedal as these are flat and suit my pedal board setup
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    "Preset Cycle" in song mode possible in GT?

    Hi Ron This may already be covered but i was wondering if there's a way to setup one button in a Song that could cycle through a selection of presets from that song? That way you could queue up the presets in an order that follows the structure of a song and simply move through them. Can this...
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    Stereo Effect Gizmo...Can a stereo return sum two signals to mono?

    Hi Ron Let's say i'm running a return signal from the Axe II to Return 2 in the Gizmo and i want to sum that signal with a dry signal before they both hit the front end of a Marshall, can i make use of the fact that the Return in the Gizmo is TRS to sum those two signals in Mono to feed Loop 3...
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    Song Mode: Possible To Send A Midi Message For Each Song Selected?

    Hi Ron I want to sync an Akai MPK261 Midi Keyboard with song changes in the GT so that when i select a Song on the GT, it sends a Midi message to the Akai to change presets. The Akai only responds to SysEx messages for selecting its presets externally so can the GT be set up to send a...
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    Effect Gizmo UK Power Supply Hum In 4CM Setup

    I've got a Decimator Pro Rack G setup for 4CM through the Effect Gizmo with a Marshall head. All 3 ground lift switches on the Decimator are on, but i'm still noticing some hum that seems to be caused by the Gizmo's own power adapter. If i move the adapter close to the Decimator connections it...