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    [BUG]Axe FX III connected to GT22 doesn't register the full sweep of my expression pedals

    I have a GT22 with two Mission Engineering SP-1RJM connected, which i use with my Axe FX III. The Axe won't register the entire sweep of either of my expression pedals, i.e. from 0 to 100% (or 0 to 10, depending on parameter i want to control). I have tried calibrating both pedals several times...
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    Axe Fx III + GT22 = perfection

    Just finished my Axe Fx III rig. Gotta say I'm pretty satisfied Gear: SKB 6u rolling rack: Furman PL-PRO DMC E power conditioner Matrix GT1000FX power amp into a Matrix CFR12 monitor Shure QLXD4 wireless Axe FX III Pedaltrain Pro pedalboard: Mission Engineering EP1-RJM x2 Mastermind GT22...
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    Anyone have a good resource for learning how to program macros into the GT?
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    Wish: Editor drag and drop functionality

    I'm new to the GT22, and have been completely obsessing over it the last few days (and nights), so please excuse me if I'm flooding the forum with posts. Anyway: I would love it if there was some kind of feature where you could pull up a folder of previously saved button configurations...
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    Axe Fx III: Tuner on expression pedal heel down?

    I'm using the toe switch on my Mission EP1-RJM to switch between engaging and controlling volume or wah, and i want to have the tuner engaged when the pedal is used to control the volume (LED off), and in heel down position. Is there any way of making this happen?
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    MMGT and Mission SP-1 exp. pedal.

    So I just ordered the GT 22 for my Axe FX III, been on the wait list for the FC12 for 8 months and still haven't heard anything. I have one Mission Engineering EP-1, and two SP-1's (EP-1 with toe switch), and I'm wondering if I have to replace the latching switches with momentary switches, in...