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Mini Effect Gizmo Routing Question

Discussion in 'Effect Gizmo / RG-16 / Rack Gizmo / Mini Effect Gi' started by dougc84, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. dougc84

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    Jul 6, 2015
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    So I downscaled my setup - sold my rack, my Mastermind GT, shelved my MEG, and went with a Helix Floor and a few pedals in the FX loops. The routing options are fantastic and load-in takes a fraction of the time without a Kemper and a snake and a massive pedalboard. However, I miss some of the tones I once had, so I'm thinking about reincorporating the MEG in addition to the Helix's FX loops. I also want to try running my Strymon stuff in stereo, so running multiple outboard overdrive pedals through the Helix's FX loops isn't really an option anymore. Additionally, I picked up a germanium fuzz that I want to incorporate (it sounds so good), but it needs to be first in the chain for it to not sound like butt.

    So I want to make sure what I'm thinking here is possible before I rip everything off my pedalboard and rewire it all. Here's my planned chain:

    Guitar (duh)
    MEG non-buffered input
    MEG Send 1
    SolidGoldFX If 6 Was 9 (Germanium edition)
    MEG Return 1
    MEG Send 2 (always on)
    Foxpedal K Buffer
    Emerson EmDrive Mach 2 (always on, clean boost/tone shaping)
    Helix Input
    Helix FX Send 1
    EHX Pitchfork (blows away the pitch shifting/harmonization on the Helix and even works after fuzz and complex chords)
    Helix FX Return 1
    Helix FX Send 2 (always on)
    MEG Return 2
    MEG Send 3
    6 Degrees FX Sally Drive (light gain overdrive)
    MEG Return 3
    MEG Send 4
    Emerson Paramount (another light gain, might swap it with the Sally Drive)
    MEG Return 4
    MEG Send 5
    Bondi Sick As (medium/high gain)
    MEG Return 5
    MEG CS output
    Helix FX Return 2
    [ everything after this isn't relevant but I figured I'd at least mention it ]
    ... compressor, modeled effects and amps, etc.
    Helix FX Send 3/4 (stereo)
    Strymon Timeline
    Strymon BigSky
    Helix FX Return 3/4 (stereo)
    ... modeled cabs
    Helix output (XLR to house, 1/4" to FRFR powered cabinet, all summed mono for now, stereo will be added later)

    What I'm thinking is this will allow me to set up the Helix to turn on/off any of my overdrives and my fuzz (via MIDI) independently, as well as the Pitchfork (via Helix's FX loop 1), while utilizing MEG loop 2 to basically load the front of the Helix. Helix FX loop 2 and MEG loop 2 will always need to be on in this scenario, but that won't be a problem.

    Any reason why this wouldn't work? It makes sense to me. Anything that you see that might be better or could be improved?

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