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    Option to remove page number from main screen

    When using the command "System:Page .." to switch to a specific page, the main display temporarily displays the name of the page. This obstructs fast viewing. Please make displaying this message optional.
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    RJM GT22 - Axe3 skipping preset

    So far so good.
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    RJM GT22 - Axe3 skipping preset

    In my case: yes.
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    RJM GT22 - Axe3 skipping preset

    Same or similar thing happens here too. Using a Axe-Fx III Mk II. Preset changes above 128 just take effect for a fraction of second and then the GT switches to a preset between 0 - 127. It seems that it starts to happen after I've used the front panel or Axe-Edit (instead of the GT) to switch...
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    [solved] GT starts in Song Mode

    That did the trick. Thanks
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    [solved] GT starts in Song Mode

    Any idea why my MM/GT20 starts in Song Mode ...?
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    "Preset" function?

    Ah I understand. The manual makes this a bit confusing though. Page 66.
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    "Preset" function?

    If I want to assign the button type PRESET to a button, where do I specify the number of the preset that should be recalled when pushing that button? @rjmmusic
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    WIDI Master: wireless MIDI between GT and iPad

    I run BandHelper on my iPad. The iPad is connected with a cable to my GT/22 MIDI output port. When I switch songs or presets on my GT, BandHelper switches to that song. I read about WIDI Master (by CME), which establishes a wireless MIDI connection (separate MIDI In and MIDI Out plugs), and is...
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    Grouping Cycle buttons seems a good way to handle the 6 channels of the MUX (Multiplexer) on an FM3 or Axe-Fx III.
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    Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III mkII -- should it just work?

    @rjmmusic Hi Ron, What is the current status on this topic? Does the GT still support max. 768 presets? I'm curious because the Get All Presets feature lets me enter the number "999" (and I have an Axe-Fx III Mark II).
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    Preset Menu Problems

    Ron, do you mean the "button type" Previous Preset, or IA:System:Preset:Previous ?
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    Possible bug with Axe-Fx III: "Update Preset Name" doesn't update the scene names anymore. Never mind .... If the option "Get Scenes" In "Get Preset Names" is switched off, it also affects "Update Preset Name". Didn't know that.
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    My GT22 setup for the Axe-Fx III

    Song-specific page: