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Hello, i am new on rjm Mastermind 6x - i need for some songs more than 4 Presets. how can i scroll to presets 5-8 in one song? My layout is on the top line IA/Tuner - Song down - Song up
bottom line - Preset 1 - 4
I hope you can help me out :)
You could replace the 4th preset button with a Preset + button, that would move up one preset every time you press it. Or, you could add one or two buttons using the External Switch jack and use them as preset buttons.
Thank you, i will try. is it possible to make the bank up/down as hold buttons to move the presets + &- ? is it possible to move 4 presets up with one button press?
good evening ! I recently had a new effect gizmo and also a GT 22 ...
I'm not an expert on connections ... I should put 4 pedals in the input and 3 pedals in the send return of my Jp-2C amplifier ... could you help me? I have a lot of ground loops
Hi, I'm not familiar with either of those products. I would post your question in the GT forum along with what you are using to power everything. It sounds like you might have a power issue. Good luck!