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    MMGT / MEGX tuner

    You don’t need a separate pedal. All you need to do is make sure the MEGX is connected to the MMGT via MIDI with no other MIDI device connected between. There’s also a box you need to check in global, I believe, but I can’t remember what it’s call. I think it’s “enable bi-direction messages” or...
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    Eventide Eclipse Control

    OK, I thought I was crazy or doing something wrong, but I just purchased the Eclipse and experienced the same thing yesterday. Has anyone worked out any solutions?
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    Help Noob set up Effect Gizmo

    @rjmmusic Hey! I figured I'd piggyback on this thread since I'm still figuring out my EG and Mastermind GT/22. I'm hoping to do all the routing today, but no worries if these questions aren't answered today. Here are my questions: 1. Buffer: already have a buffer (Empress Buffer +). It sounds...
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    Effect Gizmo: foot switch and MIDI question

    Hey folks, I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I haven't found anything on the forums so far, and I don't believe the EG user manual addresses the question. I recently purchased and Effect Gizmo (12-loop version) and Mastermind GT/22. I'm currently figuring out which pedals...