Attach an action to a "Song"


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Further to my posts, I would like to be able to attach an action to a song while in setlist mode so that I can select a preset (Or a scene in AXE Effects) and work with it as a constant in that song while manipulating other loops, select/ deselect blocks or snapshots etc without changing the original, song specific action, and then do the same with subsequent songs.

Lars Bøgh

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I would love to have "Actions" added to the "Songs" tab in the editor. I have a 200+ songs programmed in the PBC, and of cause I use very similar presets in all those songs. - Instead of having to copy a preset to a new one, when I need tweaking one of the assigned midi pedals, this "Song actions" could do the job. Actually, the "Actions" should relate to the Song/preset relation, for this feature to work properly. - This means if you have a song with preset A and preset B, there should be an action list for each of them. The actions should be executed, after the preset in the song has been loaded.
With this feature, I could minimize the number of presets significantly.


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A few use cases for this request:

1. I have a Strymon Iridium and certain drives sound better with certain amp/cab combos, but switching during the song (e.g. in a preset) introduces noticeable latency. With song actions you could set the amp/cab at the start of the song based on the drives you're using, and keep it throughout the song, even when changing presets.

2. I have a Meris Hedra. It has only 16 preset slots, but you could reuse presets in different keys if you could send the key as a CC in a song action.

3. I have my board connected to Ableton Live or some other MIDI capable DAW. When I switch to a song, a song action would allow me to automatically activate backing or click tracks that go with that song.