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Well, besides having severe gear acquisition syndrome, I also have discovered I do not like bending over to tweak the pedals. My new board is raised off the floor to avoid the aches and pains of old age.


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Budro Thedog

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Thanks! It is very RJM focused....without the EG or RG it would not work! Cant wait for the new MEGs to come out!
Very interesting to see a couple of BOSS DS-1s amongst some very impressive pedals. What do you use the lowly Distortion pedals for?
They certainly are classic. I have one myself and use it occasionally for worship music, usually 2nd after a Tube Screamer for fills. I couldn’t tell you which is my favourite overdrive. I’ve got back to using my TS5 Tube Screamer because it’s great for adding some hair to a clean sound or thickening stuff up for choruses. But having had a MXR Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa FET Driver for a few years I’ve come to the conclusion it isn’t for me. Once I move it on I’ll look around for something else. Perhaps a BOSS Angry Driver. I’ll see how much money I have. Not a Klon clone though.