Bug: Device PC+/- Button Name should self limit length to always be able to display all Preset digits.

Noticed this while programming a Chase Bliss Spectre. I made buttons for "Spectre PC +" and "Spectre PC -" to scroll presets, and I thought my pedal was broken for longer than I'd care to admit. Maybe not a "bug" as much as a usability hurdle in my brain that nearly made me email Chase Bliss about repairing my pedal. Now that I've had the "aha!" moment, I'll never forget the issue, of course. But could save others some puzzling frustration.

The issue manifests like: Going back from 0 to 122 would display 12. Eventually 11, 10, 99, 98 97.

Eventually I realized that the inherent Button Name length was pushing the last digit of a 3 digit preset number off the end of the world. And, again, this took me way longer than I would have expected to figure out. Especially when I had other Chase Bliss pedals (with shorter names) and the same button settings that were functioning correctly. I was sure it was a setting on the button itself, and not simply the name.

Temp fix is to go from "Spectre PC +" to "Spectre PC+" (removing a space) and to limit the rest of my PC+/- buttons for different pedals to the same Button Name length. Seems like 11 is the limit to still be able to display a 3 digit number along with it on the screen.