Can’t name pages in editor


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So got my Gt16 today and trying to do stuff I easily did with my PBC…..why can’t I name pages in the editor ( I can do it on the Gt itself ) and I can change name in the editor once a name is written on the GT

On the PBC there is a checkbox for ”any preset turns off tuner” how do I do that on the GT16?



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Page names can be set in the Buttons tab, just like in the PBC. The difference is that there's a Show Page Name settings in the Globals tab that needs to be turned on if you want those names to appear on the main screen.

I guess there isn't an "any key dismisses tuner" setting on the GT. I'm guessing that because the GT doesn't have an integrated tuner, the function didn't get carried over from the PBC.

If you actually want "any preset turns off tuner" instead of "any key turns off tuner", then just turn on Send on Preset Change and Update on Preset Change on your tuner button so that it automatically turns off when you change presets.


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Got it regarding the tunerThe problem with the naming pages is that I can’t write anything on the buttons tab ….it does not react when putting the cursor there…if I program a name on the Gt16 itself on a page, then send it to the editor I can change and write on that, but it doesn’t work when trying to write in the editor….