Can I use a loop to add a second output destination on MEGx?


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The GFI Duophony has two stereo inputs and a stereo output. In its basic use case, it can mix two inputs to the one output, with various options for routing. I want to be able to send the first three loops on the MEGx to one input of the Duophony and the last three loops on the MEGx to the second input on the Duophony. Of course, the MEGx loops can be re-ordered, so effectively I could send any pedal, or serially connected group of pedals, to any side of Duophony, mixing them any way I want.

Here is how I see a way to wire it. I just want confirmation this implementation will work.

This is the way I would set up routing for stereo effects.

The tuner output is patched to the return of loop 4. (that patch routes the non-effected (by loops 1,2,3) signal into loops 4, 5, and 6. Can I assume the signal quality of the tuner output is the same as the internal signal routing of the MEGx? Or is there a limitation to the tuner output quality?

If the tuner output is not good enough to drive loops 4, 5, and 6, I can mult the send from loop 1 and sacrifice it to pass the unaffected guitar signal to the last three loops.

I patch the output of loop 3 (using a TRS cable to two TS cables) to the stereo input of the Duophony's input 1.

Loops 4, 5, and six are patched using the MEGx output to the Duophony's input 2. The output of the Duophony goes to any destination(s) I desire. In this case, that might be a KMA EndGame, an OX Stomp, a wet stereo amp rig, or a combination.

I may also set up the MEGx with Duophony in front of my 68' Bandmaster.

In this case, I'd loop in the Recto Pre, my Vertex SSS Double Preamp, Weehbo PlexFace, EHX Epitome, etc., to go in front of my amp. The amp will be routed to my Freyette PS-2.

I'd go mono all the way, using the stereo to mono loop conversion feature on the MEGx. And I'd use essentially the same routing as described above between the MEGx and Duophony. The Duophony's mono output would be multed, then routed to the input of the Cyclops 'preamp' loop and the front of the Bandmaster.

BTW, I have an Ebtech Hum Eliminator in case I encounter ground loops, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Even though this is a complicated setup, I am a novice at this so if I've made a glaring mistake, I will take the criticism. I just want to get some confirmation that I am on the right track at least.
The Tuner Output is no better or worse than any other output in the MEGX, you shouldn't encounter any trouble with it.