Channel switching a Marshall TSL 60, using the PBC 10.


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Hello, I'm new here! I've recently purchased the PBC 10 and am loving it. I own a Marshall TSL 60 and I would love to be able to switch the channels using the PBC 10. As the Marshall foot controller for this amp has a 7 pin midi connector, would MIDI switching be the way to go?
The TSL doesn't support MIDI. However, with the right adapter cable, you can control the TSL. This is an example of a cable that'll work with the PBC/10:

Hi again! Would you happen to know, from the amp's side, what each pin of the DIN connector does?
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I don't know how they wire their cable, but I can tell you what the pins do on the TSL's connector, and how I would connect it:

Pin 1: Channel 1 select (TRS #1 tip)
Pin 2: Channel 2 select (TRS #1 ring)
Pin 3: n/c
Pin 4: Reverb (TRS #2 tip)
Pin 5: FX Loop (TRS #2 ring)
Pin 6: Common (TRS #1 sleeve AND TRS #2 sleeve)