Connector Protector & Handling Bar


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An idea for a simple design change is to add a bar to protect cables and circuit board. The bar also doubles as a handling arm. The bar shown is a cabinet pull.

Design intent: The bar reduces potential component damage. On a floor, it's easy to step on, drop an object or kick cables at the rear potentially breaking the circuit board or connectors. You can conveniently secure connector(s)/cable(s) to the bar.

The bar cost about 10.00 (I picked up a 3 pack for <30.00 on amazon). Link: .The length of the bar is 18" on center. The handle is constructed of ~ 1/2" square tubing. For DIYer, remove 8 screws to remove the GT top. Drill two holes 18" on center placing the bar on the rear of the aluminum case. Reassemble. Modification time is 30-60 minutes. Tools needed: screwdriver, drill and bit. The bar does not interfere with any connectors including the 7 pin XLR

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