Display Lights Change?


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I'm using the Overture with my PBC6x. Overture midi channel set to 6, PBC/Editor Set to channel 6 and assigned to the overture. When I change presets on the PBC, the display lights don't change to show that I have loaded a new preset. Is that expected behavior? I would assume that the display should change when a new preset is loaded. When the Overture is connected via USB to the PedalEditor and I switch between presets in the PedalEditor the indicators change ot show a new preset has been loaded.

Thanks in advance.



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It should change to reflect any preset change, regardless of how the preset change is requested. Are you sure the PBC is sending a program change to the Overture? Is it changing audibly?


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I think I got it to work. I had not clicked "Active" on the PedalEditor. I clicked Active, wrote settings to device and it now looks (and sounds) like it's working. Thanks!