Effect Gizmo: foot switch and MIDI question


Hey folks,

I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I haven't found anything on the forums so far, and I don't believe the EG user manual addresses the question.

I recently purchased and Effect Gizmo (12-loop version) and Mastermind GT/22. I'm currently figuring out which pedals I'll assign to each loop. Part of the equation is accounting for pedals that I want to control via expression pedal, and presumably, these expression pedals will be connected to the GT/22.

Here is my question: if a pedal is assigned to a loop – say, the Digitech Whammy DT is in loop 2 in the EG – and is also connected to the EG via MIDI, do I also need to connect the Whammy DT footswitch to another loop in the EG (for example: does the footswitch also need to be connected to an input in loops 9-12)? Does connecting a pedal to MIDI take care of this need? Is this true for some pedals that connect via MIDI and have expression control but not others? I'm also familiar with the fact that the Whammy is kind of a tricky pedal to get exactly right in the MIDI programming (thanks for showing me that page in an email earlier!).

Thanks for all the help, as always!


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You should only need standard audio in/out connections and a MIDI connection to the pedal. MIDI commands will be able to turn the pedal on and off.