Feature Request: Button to find and automatically switch to "First Unused Preset" for a Device.

This idea bubbled up today when working with a combination of Strymon and Chase Bliss pedals that have no screens on them.

It's difficult to track and manage an invisible list of Presets and where they may (or may not) be used by the PBC.

If the PBC could keep tally of which Presets for each Device were actually being used and sent by Presets>PCMessages in total, you could then call-up the lowest numbered unused preset and automatically switch to it.

It would save you time from having to audit 768 presets JUST IN CASE this weird sound you've stumbled upon is actually being used somewhere.

No need to write a list of Device Presets, what they are, why they exist, how they are used, etc. Pen and paper? In the garbage. Excel/Google sheet? Delete it.

Just hop to a fresh new PBC preset to build/write a song. Switch to the button page for a pedal you want to build a new preset for, press the "First Unused Preset" for that pedal, IA Store to save that Preset to the PBC list (it is now "Used"), continue to build and save the preset on your Device/pedal. Done. No notes. No names. No need to worry about tracking anything, since the PBC will do it for you.

Now time has passed, and you are no longer using that weird little Device Preset you wrote for an interlude and you want to trash it? Just uncheck the PC Message being sent from that preset (it is now "Unused"), and that Device Preset magically gets thrown back into the hopper of the "First Unused Preset" pile.

As a side note, I was conflicted about how to manage all of this. First I matched my PBC Presets with the Device Presets to minimize the chances of accidental stomping, but that just left me with a bunch of redundant data. For instance, most time I use my boost with my distorted amp in a particular way, and I was copying boost settings for each usage to a different Device Preset on the boost. Wasteful and prone to error. Want to change my tone a bit with the boost? Now I gotta copy it back to all the places it's used (all different Device Presets). That whole idea just fell apart quick.

As an extension of this idea, it's also theoretically possible/useful to have a "Used Device PC +" and "Used Device PC -" so you can quickly find "that cool thing I was using in that one song" and use it again without having to dig through menus to reference it, and without uselessly previewing Presets that are just not used yet. But maybe that's just finding things in the dark with your hands... messy.