Feature request: Mastermind Editor: double click song/preset name to drill down from Setlists > Songs > Preset


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If I'm on the "Setlists" view of the Mastermind Editor, I can see the songs in a selected setlist. If I want to change something about a song in the setlist, I have to select the song, which shows me where the song is in the "Available Songs" list. I then have to scan the list to find the highlighted song, note the order number, then move to the "Songs" view and scroll down the "Song List" until I get to the number.

It would save me time and effort if, when in the "Setlists" view, with a setlist selected, I could double-click on the song name in the "Songs in the Setlist" list and be taken to that song in the "Songs" view.

Similarly, I'd like to be able to drill from the "Songs" view to the "Presets" view. That is, if I'm in the "Songs" view, with a song selected, looking at the list of presets in the "Presets in this Song" list, I'd like to be able to double-click the preset and be taken to that preset in the "Presets" view.

That would make life a little easier :)