How would you set this rig up?

Big Lid

I'm using the MMGT/16 & MEGX with a Magnatone Panoramic Stereo amp. It's a mono input amp that splits the signal into stereo. All pedals are mono except H9. That said, does it even make sense to use the stereo ins/outs on the H9 into the MEGX via TRS cables or just stick w/ mono? I have other amps that I could run a Wet/Dry set up if it's not too much of a hassle to set up. I use several multi delays presets on the H9

1 J Rockett Archer drive
2 Discombobulator envelope filter
3 BOSS OC-3 octave
4 Boost
5 H9


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Since the amp doesn't have a stereo input or any effect loop, there's no point in running stereo effects - the only stereo effects the amp will work with are its built in ones. However, it does have a stereo line out. If you run that to stereo effects, then to a stereo amp, you could get wet/dry/wet